What does deep petrosal nerve carry?

What does deep petrosal nerve carry?

The deep petrosal nerve carries postganglionic sympathetic axons to the pterygopalatine ganglion, which pass through without synapsing. These axons innervate blood vessels and mucous glands of the head and neck.

What does greater petrosal nerve supply?

The greater petrosal nerve or superficial petrosal nerve is a branch of the nervus intermedius (nerve of Wrisberg) that carries parasympathetic, taste, and sensory fibers of the facial cranial nerve (CN VII).

Where does greater petrosal nerve come from?

the greater petrosal nerve, which comes from the facial nerve and runs through the hiatus on the anterior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone. a communicating branch with the greater petrosal nerve, which comes from the tympanic cavity, having originated at the glossopharyngeal nerve.

What is the tympanic nerve?

Medical Definition of tympanic nerve : a branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve arising from the petrosal ganglion and entering the middle ear where it takes part in forming the tympanic plexus. — called also Jacobson’s nerve.

What is the lesser petrosal n?

The lesser petrosal nerve (also known as the small superficial petrosal nerve) is the general visceral efferent (GVE) component of the glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX), carrying parasympathetic preganglionic fibers from the tympanic plexus to the parotid gland.

Where is hiatus for greater petrosal?

temporal bone
The hiatus for the greater petrosal nerve is a small hole in the petrous part of the temporal bone which connects the facial canal to the middle cranial fossa. The greater petrosal nerve travels through it to branch from the facial nerve and reach the middle cranial fossa on its way to the pterygopalatine ganglion.

What are the structures of the greater petrosal nerve?

Also referred to as the greater superficial petrosal nerve, it’s related to structures called the pterygopalatine ganglion, the geniculate ganglion, and the foramen lacerum.

Where does the greater petrosal nerve enter the skull?

Preganglionic parasympathetic fibres exit the geniculate ganglion as the greater petrosal nerve. It enters the middle cranial fossa through the hiatus of the facial canal, along with the petrosal branch of the middle meningeal artery.

What does the greater Petrosal do?

What is Jacobson nerve?

Jacobson’s nerve is a tympanic branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve, arising from its inferior ganglion. It enters the middle ear cavity through the inferior tympanic canaliculus, runs in a canal on the cochlear promontory and provides the main sensory innervation to the mucosa of the mesotympanum and Eustachian tube.