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What does double black mean in mountain biking?

What does double black mean in mountain biking?

In general, double black trails are about half as wide as black trails at an average width of 6-inches. The trail surfaces are extremely variable and unpredictable—meaning you’ll find loose gravel, rock, sand, and other technically-difficult surfaces..

What is a black diamond mountain?

Black Diamond: Most difficult; steeper than 40%, likely ungroomed and therefore covered in moguls and/or the freshest snow. Double Black Diamond: Experts only! Very steep and narrow, with extra hazards and obstacles like exposed rock and drop-off cliffs.

What are blue MTB trails?

Blue grade – intermediate trails Trail and surface types: as for ‘green’, plus specially constructed singletrack trails. Trail surface might include small obstacles of root and rock. Gradients and technical trail features: most gradients are moderate but might include short steep sections.

What is black trail?

Black Trail is a cross-border documentary and written project by journalists at the The Black Sea and Expresso, Reporters United (Greece), RTS (Switzerland) and VG (Norway), co-produced by SIC TV (Portugal), with research support from Financed Uncovered (UK).

Where to go mountain biking in Glentress?

Peebles is a couple of miles from Glentress. There is a good choice of tea rooms, pubs, hotels, shops, B&Bs etc. It has a bike shop and bike hirer. Innerleithen is six miles further east: shops, pubs etc. There is a bike shop here too. Near to Innerleithen are more mountain bike routes in Elibank and Traquair Forest.

How difficult is the V trail at Glentress?

The Black Route or V Trail is the most technically difficult of the mountain bike routes at Glentress; at 18 miles it’s also the longest. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is world class – don’t attempt it unless you are an experienced mountain biker or have first cycled over the blue and then the red.

Where does the Glentress Peel trail start and finish?

This trail starts and finishes at the Glentress Peel Visitor Centre. The route has gentle gradients and mellow bends that are a perfect introduction to mountain biking.

What is the Glentress skills area?

This skills area is part of the Glentress approach to bringing riders on gently, featuring examples of obstacles and terrains to expect from the trail grading before you set off on a colour-coded route. The blue route pushes out further into the 100-year-old forest and is a hidden gem that’s often ignored by more advanced riders.