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What does Frau holtzapfel want?

What does Frau holtzapfel want?

Actually, she wants something. She wants Liesel—to come to her house and read her The Whistler. Rosa protests. Frau Holtzapfel says that in addition to ceasing with the door-spitting, she’ll give Rosa some of her flour and coffee.

Who was Frau holtzapfel?

At the beginning of the novel, Frau Holtzapfel is Rosa Hubermann’s enemy. She spits on the Hubermanns’ door every time she goes past it. The relationship is soothed when Frau Holtzapfel hears Liesel read from The Whistler while in the bomb shelter.

How is Frau Diller described?

Frau Diller One of the most patriotic figures in the book, she is a rule-follower and a mean, ungenerous character. She embodies the Hitler ideal of the “good” German who blindly follows orders.

Who was Frau Diller?

Frau Diller is the owner of the corner shop and a fervent Nazi sympathizer. One must say “Heil Hitler” in order to be served in her shop. Wolfgang Edel is a Nazi Party acquaintance of Hans.

What does Liesel learn about Frau Holtzapfel?

Frau Holtzapfel has a tear-stained face, and Liesel reads to her. Death knows about this scene, because he reads about it in Liesel’s book (The Book Thief). He knows how Robert Holtzapfel died, because he was there at the hospital in Stalingrad, where Michael watched Robert take his last breath.

What is Frau Hermann’s first name?

Frau Hermann, first name Ilsa, is the mayor’s wife in The Book Thief. She is a desperately sad woman who has fallen into depression after the death of…

What is Frau Holtzapfel willing to stop doing if Liesel will read to her?

What is Frau Holtzapfel’s offer? If Liesel will come read to her twice a week, she will give the Hubermanns her coffee ration and stop spitting on their door.

Who is Frau Hermann?

Character List and Analysis Ilsa Hermann. Ilsa Hermann is the mayor’s wife. She lives at 8 Grande Strasse and gets to know Liesel because Rosa does the mayor’s washing and ironing. Frau Hermann also leaves the window open for Liesel so that she can come in and take books as she wishes.

How does Liesel feel after her outburst against Frau Hermann?

Outraged, Liesel screams at Frau Hermann, telling her to get over the death of her son, and throws the book at her feet.

Was Liesel’s mom a communist?

Liesel’s parents were communists, which is another group that was rounded up and taken to concentration camps. She was probably worried about what would happen to her children if she was arrested, so she wanted to make sure they were taken care of before she was taken away.

What happened to Frau Holtzapfel’s second son?

Michael is one of Frau Holtzapfel’s sons. He loses three of his fingers in Stalingrad. He comes home to break the news that her other son, Robert, is dead. Michael hangs himself in Molching, over guilt at surviving when his brother dies.

What does Frau holtzapfel ask Liesel to do for her?

A few days later Frau Holtzapfel, Rosa ‘s enemy, knocks on the Hubermanns’ door. She is as rude as ever, but she asks Liesel to finish reading The Whistler to her, as she liked what she heard in the shelter. Rosa haggles with her for payment (her coffee ration), but agrees. A few days later Liesel goes to Frau Holtzapfel’s house next door.

How does Frau holtzapfel become a more complex character?

Frau Holtzapfel begins to become a more complex character, and her soldier sons are first introduced. Liesel is now able to provide something for her family, small though it is, which alleviates the helplessness she felt when the washing customers quit her services.

How many sons does Frau holtzapfel have?

Liesel salutes Hitler as she leaves, knowing Frau Holtzapfel’s two sons are fighting in Russia. Frau Holtzapfel begins to become a more complex character, and her soldier sons are first introduced.

What metaphor does death present the image of Michael holtzapfel?

It was a sign of things to come. Death presents the image of Michael Holtzapfel on July 24th as a pendulum, another clock stopped. Identify and explain the figurative language. This would be a metaphor.