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What does it mean for a problem to be tractable?

What does it mean for a problem to be tractable?

Tractable Problem: a problem that is solvable by a polynomial-time algorithm. The upper bound is polynomial. Intractable Problem: a problem that cannot be solved by a polynomial-time al- gorithm. The lower bound is exponential.

What is meant by computational problem?

In theoretical computer science, a computational problem is a problem that a computer might be able to solve or a question that a computer may be able to answer. For example, the problem of factoring. “Given a positive integer n, find a nontrivial prime factor of n.”

What is problem complexity?

Problem complexity (lower bounds) The complexity of a problem is the infimum of the complexities of the algorithms that may solve the problem, including unknown algorithms. Thus the complexity of a problem is not greater than the complexity of any algorithm that solves the problems.

What does computationally tractable mean?

A mechanism that is computationally intractable, i.e., where no computer could calculate the outcome of the mechanism in a reasonable amount of time, seems to violates even the loosest interpretation of our general desideratum of simplicity.

What do you mean by tractable?

Definition of tractable 1 : capable of being easily led, taught, or controlled : docile a tractable horse. 2 : easily handled, managed, or wrought : malleable.

What is tractable in machine learning?

What is Problem Tractability? Problem tractability refers to the concept that a proposed problem can actually be solved using machine learning methods.

What are the types of computational problem?

In this course we will deal with four types of computational problems: decision prob- lems, search problems, optimization problems, and counting problems.

What is computing in it?

Computing is any activity that uses computers to manage, process, and communicate information. It includes development of both hardware and software. Computing is a critical, integral component of modern industrial technology.

What is bit complexity?

The number of single operations (of addition, subtraction, and multiplication) required to complete an algorithm.

What does tractable mean?

What are synonyms for tractable?

synonyms for tractable

  • acquiescent.
  • amenable.
  • biddable.
  • complaisant.
  • compliant.
  • controllable.
  • docile.
  • ductile.

What is the meaning of the word tractable?

Define tractable. tractable synonyms, tractable pronunciation, tractable translation, English dictionary definition of tractable. adj. 1. Easily managed or controlled; governable. 2. Easily handled or worked; malleable. trac′ta·bil′i·ty , trac′ta·ble·ness n. trac′ta·bly adv. Tractable – definition of tractable by The Free Dictionary

Can a problem be intractable but fully tractable?

‘A problem can be intractable under one approach and yet fully tractable under another.’ ‘But will the problems involved in solid hydrogen storage be any more tractable and yield to any better solution than the problems with gaseous or liquid storage?’

Is the first one mathematically tractable?

‘The first one is tractable and relatively easy.’ ‘It’s a neat solution, mathematically tractable.’ ‘To make the model and analyses tractable, however, various simplifying assumptions concerning the above factors have been adopted in previous estimation methods.’

What is the meaning of tractbilis?

1. easily managed or controlled; docile. 2. easily worked, shaped, or otherwise handled; malleable. [1495–1505; < Latin tractābilis, derivative of tractā(re) to handle, deal with (frequentative of trahere to draw)] trac`ta•bil′i•ty, trac′ta•ble•ness, n.