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What does Pentax SMC mean?

What does Pentax SMC mean?

“”smc” stands for Super Multi Coating, Pentax’s multi-layer lens coating which does a great job of reducing flare. DA, D FA, and some FA lenses have an improved “ghost less” coating that is even more effective than the original coating.

What is Pentax FA?

About the SMC Pentax-FA Lens Series SMC Pentax-FA zoom lenses can be used with both Film and Digital Pentax SLRs. They cover the full-frame 24x36mm image circle. Auto-focus. Auto-aperture (aperture ring available) Select lenses feature Power Zoom.

What does DA mean in Pentax lenses?

There are several series of Pentax K-mount lenses; the ones currently being produced include the DA (digital), DA L (cheap digital kit), D FA (full-frame, digital optimized), and FA (full-frame) series.

Who bought Pentax?

On October 1, 2011, Ricoh acquired all shares of Pentax Imaging Corp. and renamed the new subsidiary Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd. Hoya will continue to use the Pentax brand name for their medical related products such as endoscopes.

Is the Pentax smc FA 77mm a good lens?

The Pentax SMC FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited is another representative of Pentax’ prestigious Limited lens lineup. The production of the lens seems to fade out in favor of the new SMC-DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited but you should still be able to find new ones for around 800€/US$.

What kind of lens does the FA 77mm have?

Typical for FA-type lenses there’s a dedicated aperture ring on the lens. The FA 77mm f/1.8 extends a little when focusing towards close distances. A nice feature is the built-in telescope-style lens hood (not shown below). The lens is/was available in a silver- and black-colored variant.

What does 77mm mean on a Pentax?

This is the third of the Pentax Limited hand assembled lenses that are designed for film. Pentax have always offered some odd focal lengths and this 77mm equates to a 35mm-equivalent of 115.5mm when used on an APS-C format DSLR.

How good is the Pentax K10D FA 35mm lens?

Typical for all FA lenses it supports the full 35mm format so it can be used both on film and digital SLRs. On the Pentax K10D its field-of-view is equivalent to about 120mm (full format). The build quality of the lens is superb with all parts made of metal. The small focus ring operates very smooth and slightly damped.