What does restitution mean in English?

What does restitution mean in English?

Definition of restitution 1 : an act of restoring or a condition of being restored: such as. a : a restoration of something to its rightful owner. b : a making good of or giving an equivalent for some injury.

What is health restitution?

[res″tĭ-too´shun] the spontaneous realignment of the fetal head with the fetal body, after delivery of the head.

What is restitution in CPC?

Restitution in relation to Civil procedure code means giving back or restoring to the person who is entitled to the benefit from the other party who has wrongly received such benefit under an erroneous decree or order of the court.

What is restitution give an example?

Put simply, restitution is payment for an injury or loss. Examples of restitution might include a shoplifter who is ordered to repay a store owner for the cost of a stolen item, or an assailant who must pay for their victim’s medical expenses after a violent assault.

Is Couleur masculine or feminine?

‘) However, as you might have noticed in that example, the word “color” in French is feminine – la couleur.

What is restitution India?

It provides for putting a party in possession of land, tenement or property, who had been unlawfully dispossessed, deprived or disseised of it. · In other words, restitution means restoring to a party the benefit which the other party has received under a decree subsequently held to be wrong.

What is a restitution hearing?

A restitution hearing is a legal proceeding in a criminal case whereby the court determined how much the defendant must pay to compensate the victim or victims of the crime.

What is restitution physics?

The coefficient of restitution (COR, also denoted by e), is the ratio of the final to initial relative speed between two objects after they collide. It normally ranges from 0 to 1 where 1 would be a perfectly elastic collision.

What does it mean to make restitution?

/ ˌres·tɪˈtu·ʃən / payment for damage or loss of property, or the return of items stolen or lost: The company has agreed to make restitution of $44,930 and to pay an equal fine. (Definition of restitution from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Why are they demanding restitution of ancient treasures?

They are demanding the restitution of ancient treasures that were removed from the country in the 16th century. The chemical company promised to make full restitution to the victims for the injury to their health. Want to learn more?

Are restitutions of churches making any progress?

There is one notable exception: restitutions of churches. There has been real progress in restitutions of agricultural and forested land, but the transfer of buildings has only just started. How can the commitment on the budget be achieved if extra butter is already in intervention storage and has to be sold with export restitutions?

What does it mean to make restitution to SB for STH?

demand/pay/seek restitution She was also ordered to pay restitution. make restitution to sb for sth The insurance company has a responsibility to make full restitution to the policyholders for their loss. They must pay more than $320,000 in restitution to certain customers.