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What does sponsor mean in finance?

What does sponsor mean in finance?

Sponsors are corporate entities that provide support within the financial services industry. This support can include providing underwriting for a stock, mutual fund, or exchange-traded fund offering.

What is the sponsor of a loan?

A sponsor loan allows a parent or other creditworthy person to borrow on behalf of a student and take full responsibility for the loan. The sponsor loan is under the name of the sponsor borrower only.

Who is the sponsor in project finance?

Usually, a project financing structure involves a number of equity investors, known as ‘sponsors’, and a ‘syndicate’ of banks or other lending institutions that provide loans to the operation.

Who is the sponsor in a deal?

In commercial real estate, the term “sponsor” is used to reference to the individual or company that effectively quarterbacks the project from conception through completion. They are the owners of the property, responsible for all aspects of the transaction and on-going operations.

What is a sponsoring bank?

When a federal or state-chartered bank is a member of an approved bank card system (such as Visa or Mastercard), these banks are known as sponsor banks. They provide financial services for businesses that include the ability to issue customers credit or debit cards and other lending options.

How do financial sponsors work?

This means raising equity, raising debt and executing mergers and acquisitions. Financial sponsors is relationship management for private equity and hedge funds. This means giving these alternative asset managers investment ideas and offering them debt and equity offerings.

What is sponsored debt?

Sponsor Debt means any present or future loan extended to the Borrower by any member of the Guarantor Group; Sample 2. Sponsor Debt all obligations of the Loan Parties to the Sponsor pursuant to the Sponsor Note Documents (as amended by that certain Sponsor Note Agreement Amendment).

Is a sponsor a lender?

Why Sponsors Buy Their Portfolio Companies’ Debt In particular, private equity sponsors might elect to buy their portfolio companies’ debt and become an Affiliated Lender under a credit agreement.

Why do sponsors use project finance?

Why Do Sponsors Use Project Finance? A sponsor (the entity requiring finance to fund projects) can choose to finance a new project using two alternatives: The new project is incorporated into a newly created economic entity, the SPV, and financed off-balance sheet (project financing)

Who is sponsor bank in IPO?

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Sr. No. Sponsor Banks live on IPO
1 Axis Bank Limited
3 ICICI Bank
4 Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited

What is sponsor bank in Nach?

Sponsor Bank is the Bank, which lodges NACH Transaction files for collection/ distribution of funds on behalf of its Corporates registered for NACH services. In case of loan EMI, the Bank acts as User Institution as well as Sponsor Bank.

What is a sponsor banking?

Sponsor Bank means a federal or state chartered bank which is a member of the Visa and/or MasterCard card associations (or another Approved Bank Card System) and which processes credit and debit card transactions and provides related services on behalf of the Credit Parties.

What is sponsored finance?

A financial sponsor is a term that may be used in financial circles in two different ways. The most common application has to do with the identification of a private equity firm that engages in the task in orchestrating leveraged buyout transactions (LBOs).

What is a sponsor fund?

sponsor | fund |. is that sponsor is a person or organisation with some sort of responsibility for another person or organisation, especially where the responsibility has a religious, legal, or financial aspect while fund is a sum or source of money.

What is a non profit fiscal sponsor?

Fiscal sponsorship is the practice of non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups engaged in activities related to the organization’s missions. It typically involves a fee-based contractual arrangement between a project and an established non-profit.

What is a financial sponsor group?

The financial sponsors group is a coverage group. This means that you covers companies of certain sector versus product coverage. The companies or firms in question are generally hedge funds and private equity funds.