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What does Te Aroha mean?

What does Te Aroha mean?

Properly Te Aroha-a-uta; te: the; aroha: love or affection; a: preposition; uta: inland; Love flowing inland.

Who wrote the waiata Aue Te Aroha?

The latest release from Legacy Music and Te Māngai Pāho is a remix with a video that highlights the classic and beautiful waiata titled “Aue Te Aroha,” composed by Moe Ruka.

What is Te Aroha known for?

Te Aroha is the location of the Mokena Hou Geyser, the only natural soda water geyser in the world. The geyser complex, the most intact Edwardian spa in New Zealand, is located in the Te Aroha Domain.

Why was Aue Te Aroha composed?

The inspiration for this flag was received by Te Mareikura’s granddaughter Ritihira, who saw it as an exhortation from the spiritual realm to hold the peace. There is also a deliberate connection between the ark of the covenant, Noah’s ark, and the notion of a movement of the faithful towards a new life.

What are the different types of waiata?

There are three main types of traditional waiata. These are waiata tangi (laments), waiata aroha (love songs) and oriori (lullabies).

Why was Te Aroha composed?

Te Utu o Te Aroha was originally a waiata he composed to honour the late Wiha Te Raki-Hawea in 2010.

Who wrote Toro Mai?

Eru Timoko Ihaka
The theme for this year’s Annual Report is “Toro Mai” and draws inspiration from the waiata-ā-ringa ‘Toro mai tō ringa’, composed by Eru Timoko Ihaka and Tā Matutaera Kingi Ihaka.

What tribe is Te Aroha?

Arawa people
The Arawa people, who initially established themselves in the Bay of Plenty, moved into the Waikato region and settled the area including Te Aroha. The naming of Mount Te Aroha is said to have originated from Kahumata Mamoe, the son of an Arawa Chief, who was lost in the wetlands of the Waihou Valley.

Is Te Aroha a good place to live?

With the rapid increase of local industry such as the expansion of Fonterra’s Waitoa site and the slow but steady growth in tourism, Te Aroha is well placed to entice more young families. These, and the fact that Te Aroha is a fantastic place to live and work, enables our town to progress and grow.