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What does Valencia CF mean?

What does Valencia CF mean?

Valencia Club de Fútbol ( Spanish: [baˈlenθja ˈkluβ ðe ˈfuðβol], Valencian: València Club de Futbol [vaˈlensia ˈklub de fubˈbɔl] ), commonly referred to as Valencia CF or simply Valencia, is a Spanish professional football club in Valencia. They play in La Liga.

What is the name of the Football Club in Valencia?

Current season. Valencia Club de Fútbol (Spanish: [baˈlenθja ˈkluβ ðe ˈfuðβol], Valencian: València Club de Futbol [vaˈlensia ˈklub de fubˈbɔl]; also known as Valencia CF, Valencia or Los Che) is a Spanish football club based in Valencia.

Does Valencia CF have a training centre?

Since May 2009, Valencia CF has had a training centre, this is the first multidisciplinary training center for a football club in Spain. The Training Centre Foundation Valencia CF “The Academy” offers university education, classroom training, and online training related to sport and football soccer.

Who are Valencia CF and Levante Unión Deportiva?

Valencia’s second club is Levante Unión Deportiva, who play at the Estadio Ciudad de Valencia, a few kilometres north of Valencia CF’s stadium. The traditionally working-class club is named after the Valencian beach where it was founded in 1909, a decade before Valencia CF. Curiously, both Valencia CF and Levante’s logos feature a bat.