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What frequency does CDMA use?

What frequency does CDMA use?

CDMA-2000 Frequency Bands

Band Frequency Band (MHz) Band Name
12 800 800 MHz PAMR
13 2500 2.5 GHz IMT-2000 Ext
14 1900 US PCS 1.9 GHz
15 1700/2100 AWS

How do I find my Verizon band?

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  1. Dial *3001#12345#*, tap dial button.
  2. Click ‘serving cell info’
  3. Check ‘freq band indicator’;

What band is Verizon CDMA?

United States Service Providers

Carrier’s Name 3G Frequencies / Wavelengths
U.S. Cellular 3G : 850 MHz Cellular, Band 5 (1xRTT CDMA). 1900 MHz PCS, Band 2 (CDMA).
Verizon Wireless 3G : 850 MHz, Band 0 (CDMA). 1900 MHz PCS, Band 1 (CDMA).

What frequency is LTE?

LTE frequencies exist in a spectrum from frequencies as low as 700 MHz right up to high frequencies of 2600 MHz.

What is network frequency?

Frequency bands are ranges of radio wave frequencies used to transmit data in the wireless spectrum, and can further be broken down into WiFi channels. WiFi frequency bands are frequency ranges within the wireless spectrum that are designated to carry WiFi: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

What carrier aggregation is in my area?

However, the feature needs to be enabled manually in the settings. To check for it, open Settings on your Android phone. Here, use the search bar at the top to look for “Carrier Aggregation” or “LTE Carrier Aggregation.” The option is usually present in Mobile Network Settings, System Settings, or Developer Options.

What frequency bands does Verizon use?

What LTE bands does Verizon use? Verizon Wireless was the first to arrive to the 4G LTE race and it has also built its nationwide network based on 700 MHz spectrum, but the primary band for Verizon is band 13. Bands 2 and 4 are used to strengthen the signal in the densely populated urban areas.

What frequency is Verizon in my area?

Brief overview of a few worldwide mobile carrier frequencies:

Carrier Name Band Frequency
Verizon 4G LTE 700 MHz LTE (Higher Band) 746-757 MHz & 776-787 MHz
Nextel (Legacy) 800 MHz SMR & iDEN 806-866 & 869 MHz
Nextel (New) 900 MHz SMR & iDEN 896-940 MHz
Carrier Technology Band Frequency