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What gangs are in the Houston area?

What gangs are in the Houston area?

List of gangs in Houston, Texas

  • Hiram Clarke 77 Border rats IFGB.
  • South Park 102 NeighborHood Piru.
  • S/W (52HGC)5Ø Crip 3x(716)
  • UPT 8Ø Cr1MStarz (52x59H716VerGangstarCr1mz)
  • 5Line BountyHunter watts Bloods.
  • Ø.S.F / I.S.F Family Swan Bloods 779.
  • Audabuan Park Piru / Bloods.
  • Ella Blvd Rolling 60 NHC.

What gangs are in 5th Ward Houston?

Gang Names Street Gang Prison Gang
5th Ward Circle x
Aryan Brotherhood x
Aryan Circle x
Austin Tango Blast (ATX) x x

Are there gangs in Houston?

Yes in the sense that (1) Houston has a large number of gangs and members and (2) these gangs are responsible for the lion’s share of violent crime in the city. If you watch the evening news, it’s more or less guaranteed that there will be coverage of gang activity, usually a shooting, every night.

How many gangs are in Houston?

About 20,000 gang members — in estimated 300 gangs — live in the greater Houston area, according to law enforcement.

What does wards mean in Houston?

The ward system, a precursor to today’s City Council districts, was a common political tool of the early 19th century, and is still used in some American cities. When the system was at its peak, the city had six wards, from the first to the sixth.

What are Latino gangs?

based gangs: Los Zetas (Mexico) are connected to gangs such. as: ALKQN, Bandidos MC, Bloods, La Raza XIV, Latin Kings or. Mara Salvatrucha MS-13; whereas Cartel del Golfo (Mexico) is also related to ALKQN, Bloods, MS-13 as well as to Chicano. Brothers or Raza Unida.7.

Why is Houston divided into wards?

When the city of Houston was founded in 1836 and incorporated in 1837, its founders—John Kirby Allen and Augustus Chapman Allen—divided it into political geographic districts called “wards”. When the system was at its peak, the city had six wards, from the first to the sixth.

How many wards does Houston have?

Six Wards
Be in the Know: Life in the Six Wards of Houston. When Houston was incorporated in 1837, its founders decided to split the city into wards. Originally, there were four wards. However, today, there are six distinct Houston wards, each with a different culture and vibe.

What is a gang in Houston Texas?

GANGS IN HOUSTON In Texas, a criminal street gang is defined as three or more persons having a common identifying sign or symbol, or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities.

Who are the Mexican Mafia in Texas?

Info: The Mexican Mafia began in the Texas prison system in 1984 and has since grown to be a significant gang that continues to engage in organized criminal activity despite being continuously targeted by law enforcement. 53 of 56 2. Latin Kings

Are there any gangs in Texas that are not divided by race?

Info: The Bandidos are the only gang in Texas not divided on racial or ethnic lines and its membership is compromised of Hispanic and white males, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. 44 of 56 8. Partido Revolucionario Mexicano

Who are the Latin Kings in Texas?

Info: The Latin Kings have an estimated 1,300 members in Texas and have significant presence in many suburban and rural areas of Texas, according to Texas safety officials. The gang also has a direct connection with the Chicago-based Latin Kings, providing the gang with resources and structure.