What girl name means wild?

What girl name means wild?

Cybele: An ancient mother goddess whose companions included wild animals.

  • Earnestine: Meaning “serious, battle to the death,” this name has Old German roots.
  • Fauve: This French name means “wild”
  • Hilda: This name, which means “battle,” has Old German origins.
  • Ignacia: This name with Latin roots means “ardent, burning”
  • What girl name means tiger?

    Female Names Meaning Tiger

    Mala Short for Malaysia, which is another location where tigers live
    Lady A name that is perfect for the grace and elegance of a tiger
    Tora A name for tiger in Japanese
    Kaplony A Hungarian moniker for a tiger
    Tigress What a female tiger is called

    What girl name means fearless?

    18 Baby Girl Names That Mean Fearless

    Basilah Brave; Fearless Girl
    Binsa A woman who is fearless. Girl
    Conradina Fearless, bold, never afraid, undaunted, valiant Girl
    Emine it means one who is fearless and courageous. Girl

    What girl name means spark?

    Ember (English origin) means “spark”.

    What girl name means Goddess of Fire?

    30 Fire Goddess Girl Names

    Number Name Meaning
    6 Chantico Goddess of Volcanoes and Hearth Fires
    7 Gabieta Spirit of Fire
    8 Gabija Spirit of Fire
    9 Hestia Goddess of Hearth and Fires

    What are some girl names that mean fire?

    Girl Names Meaning “fire”. Udia: A Hebrew name that means fire of God. Ignacia: A Spanish name meaning fire. Ethne : An Irish name meaning fire. Rekka: Means fire in Japanese. Hotaru: A Japanese name that means firefly or lightning bug.

    What does the name Spitfire mean?

    spitfire – a highly emotional and quick-tempered person (especially a girl or woman) emotional person – a person subject to strong states of emotion. Translations.

    What are some baby names that mean fire?

    Hot baby names for boys. Aidan: A name of Gaelic origin, this means “fire”. Ashbel: Hebrew name meaning “fire of Bel”. Blaise: Homonym of Blaze. Brand: Old Norse name, this means “torch”. Brenton: This name, from Old English, means “fire”. Edan: This name, meaning “fire,” is of Gaelic origin.

    What are some boys names that mean fire?

    Boy Names Meaning “fire”. Aiden: A Celtic name meaning little fire. Kai: Means fire in Scotland. Uriel: A Hebrew name meaning flame. Tyson: An English name that means fiery tempered. Chamuel: Means heat in Hebrew. Brando: An Italian name that means fiery. Titus: The Latin form of Greek Titos, meaning fire or to burn.