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What happened to 1070 AM Indianapolis?

What happened to 1070 AM Indianapolis?

Emmis Communications Corp. announced Monday that radio station WFNI—known as The Fan—will stop broadcasting at AM 1070 starting Aug. 2 as the signal’s towers in Whitestown are dismantled to make way for development. Indianapolis-based Emmis says it’s now exploring new uses for the 1070 AM signal.

What happened to 1070 the fan?

With the move, WFNI began calling itself “107.5 and 1070 The Fan.” The AM frequency went off the air at midnight on August 3, 2021, as Emmis sold portions of the land on which the AM station’s transmitters are located for commercial development.

Who is Jmv?

As anticipated, Emmis Communications Corp. has scooped up popular Indianapolis sports-talk radio host John Michael Vincent, better known as JMV, for its afternoon drive slot on WFNI-AM 1070, “The Fan.” JMV’s new show, “The Ride,” will run weekdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m starting Monday.

What Channel Is 1070 the fan on?

93.5 & 107.5 The Fan.

Who owns AM 1070?

CBS Radio

Why is Big Joe gone?

Joe Staysniak has been suspended one week without pay after on-air comments he made this week that included saying black people need to stop being victims, kneeling in front of the American flag is treason, the Confederate flag is not racist and he finds it hard to believe black people are being targeted by police.

What happened to Big Joe on WIBC?

Staysniak worked for the talk radio stations WIBC (FM) and WFNI (AM) in Indianapolis until August 2021.

What radio station is the Pacers game on tonight?

Indiana Pacers – SPORTS RADIO ESPN 1420.

How do I listen to 1070 The Fan?

TuneIn. TuneIn is a free service that lets you listen to anything in the world from wherever you are. Whether you want to hear music, sports, news or current events, TuneIn offers over 70,000 stations, and 1070 the Fan ESPN radio is one of them. Visit our page.

Is Indianapolis a metropolis?

The metropolitan area is situated in Central Indiana, within the American Midwest. The metropolitan area is centered on the capital and most populous city of Indiana, Indianapolis….

Indianapolis metropolitan area
Country United States
State Indiana
Largest city Indianapolis (876,384)