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What happened to Randy and Spiff?

What happened to Randy and Spiff?

After the True Oldies job ended, Randy – who is now 55 – went to work at an Alpharetta court reporting company producing videos. Spiff, 64, went into two years of unwanted retirement.

Is Gary McKee still alive?

McKee left Atlanta radio in 1998 at age 54 and has been a happily retired man in East Cobb ever since.

Who owns 94. 9 the bull?

WUBL (94.9 MHz) is a commercial FM radio station known as 94-9 The Bull. It is owned by iHeartMedia and it plays a country music radio format….WUBL.

City Atlanta, Georgia
Broadcast area Atlanta metropolitan area
Frequency 94.9 MHz (HD Radio)
Branding 94.9 The Bull

What happened to Spencer on 949 the Bull?

94.9/The Bull, the Atlanta country station, has dropped Spencer Graves as a morning host after just under three years. For now, fellow morning host Kristen Gates ― who has been with the station since 2007 ― remains.

Is Otis still on 94.9 The Bull?

iHeartMedia Country “94.9 The Bull” WUBL Atlanta has made a couple changes to its on-air lineup. Jeremy ‘Otis’ Maher is rejoining the station in the MD/afternoon host role he held from February 2017 until being part of the company’s layoffs in Fall 2020.

Where is Christopher Rude?

Rude is currently hosting mornings on a Winder rock station 107.1/WJBB-FM, and the station on Facebook noted that he will be off the air the next week or two while he recovers.

What does Upside Down 96 Rock tag mean?

96Rock became Project 9-6-1 for no real, particular reason other than to give the illusion that it’s hip, relevant, and somewhere near the “edge”. You can turn the name upside down, but it’ll still be 96Rock to most people.

What does it mean to have your license plate upside down?

2: part of the holder is covering critical information such as a registration year or month. 3. if a plate is mounted right over a bumper, such as the back of a pick-up truck, the bumper might get in the way of part of the holder, so installing it upside down might be the only way to get it on.

Why is the 96 Rock tag upside down?