What houses did poor Tudors live in?

What houses did poor Tudors live in?

Homes for poor people in the 16th century were very basic. They continued to live in simple huts with one or two rooms (occasionally three). Smoke escaped through a hole in the thatched roof. Floors were of hard earth and furniture was very basic, benches, stools, a table, and wooden chests.

What were the differences between rich and poor Tudor diets?

The poor ate whatever meat they could find, such as rabbits, blackbirds, pheasants, partridges, hens, ducks, and pigeons, and also fish they caught from lakes and rivers. Meanwhile, the rich people also ate more costly varieties of meat, such as swan, peafowl, geese, boar, and deer (venison).

What are poor people’s houses made of?

Sponsored families’ homes are mostly made of split-cane (bamboo), wood or concrete-block walls; wood, tile or concrete floors; and wood, corrugated-metal or concrete-block roofs — nonexpensive materials they can afford. The most impoverished families might have bamboo houses with plastic or even cardboard walls.

What was it like to live in poverty in Tudor times?

Life for the poor in Tudor times was harsh. The poor had to work hard and struggled to survive. Many poor people lives lived in villages doing farm work or making cloth in their own homes for very little pay. They worked six days a week and only had holy days and public holidays off work.

How were the poor looked after in Tudor times?

What did the poor Tudors eat for breakfast?

Breakfast usually consisted of bread and beer, with beef for the better-off or porridge for the peasants, while dinner, the main meal of the day, was served between 11 o’clock and midday. Bread was a major part of the diet of all classes and was very different from the bread we eat now.

How would you describe a poor Tudor house?

A poor Tudor home would have had holes in the wall for windows and some might have had wooden shutters to keep out draughts. Poor people’s houses would have consisted of one single room where all the family lived and slept. The floor would have been earth and the walls and roof would have been straw, mud and dung.

How hard is it to read Tudor inventories?

Reading Tudor inventories can be very difficult. After all, these documents are over 400 years old! People in Tudor Times used a different style of handwriting, they spelt things differently and sometimes they use different words to the ones we use today. But they are not impossible to read.

Why didn’t the children of poor people go to school in Tudor times?

The children of poor people would not go to school because they had to work. There were a lot more poor people then rich. During the Tudor times, people build their houses out of wood, they were painted brown and white. At the same time, glass windows were precious so when people robbed them, they took the windows as well!

What was life like in the Tudor period?

This was common in Tudor times for the streets to contain a lot of rubbish from the houses along the road. A Poor Tudor house had a hole in the wall for a window; sometimes they would have wooden shutters to keep them warm. They had to sleep on straw beds or mattress filled with straw and had small blankets to keep them warm.