What is a 471 capacitor?

What is a 471 capacitor?

Ceramic capacitors of special shapes and styles are used as capacitors for RFI/EMI suppression, as feed-through capacitors and in larger dimensions as power capacitors for transmitters. …

What is the J on a capacitor?

For example, a capacitor can be labelled as, n47 = 0.47nF, 4n7 = 4.7nF or 47n = 47nF and so on….Capacitor Voltage Colour Code Table.

Band Colour
Voltage Rating (V) Type J
Type K
Type L
Type M

What is the value of capacitor 104?

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Marking Capacitance (pF) Capacitance (ìF)
473 47,000 pF 0.047 ìF
104 100,000 pF 0.1 ìF
224 220,000 pF 0.22 ìF
474 470,000 pF 0.47 ìF

What is JW in capacitor?

More correctly, we say the reactance Xc = 1/jwc or -j/wc. j is the square root of negative one, and 1/j = -j. j is the imaginary number, used in this case to sort out reactance and impedance from pure resistance. This is because the reactance of a capacitor is a leading reactance.

What does 223 mean on a capacitor?

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Marking Capacitance (pF) Capacitance (ìF)
222 2,200 pF 0.0022 ìF
472 4,700 pF 0.0047 ìF
103 10,000 pF 0.01 ìF
223 22,000 pF 0.022 ìF

What does 474j mean on a capacitor?

Looking at our capacitor we will see its marked 474J, this should be read as follows, 47 times the value that can be found in Table 1 corresponding to the 3rd number, in this case 10000. 47 * 10000 = 470000 pF = 470 nF = 0.47 uF with the J meaning a 5% tolerance. A second letter will be a temperature coefficient if its present.

What is the voltage rating for a 47pf capacitor?

470 is the code for 47pF, you need a code 471 for a 470pF capacitor. Disc capacitors are usually ceramic and for a 5 mm wide capacitor, 500V rating sounds reasonable, but do check manufacturers datasheet to be sure.

What is the decoding code for capacitor?

Decoding capacitor codes pico-farad (pF) nano-farad (nF) mikro-farad (mF, uF or mfd) Capacitor code 1 pF 0.001 nF 0.000001 uF 010 1.5 pF 0.0015 nF 0.0000015 uF 1R5 2.2 pF 0.0022 nF 0.0000022 uF 2R2 3.3 pF 0.0033 nF 0.0000033 uF 3R3

What is the meaning of SMD ceramic capacitor code N51?

Sometimes figures such as 10n will be seen and this indicates a 10nF capacitor. Similarly n51 indicates a 0.51nF, or 510 pF capacitor, etc . . SMD ceramic capacitor codes: Surface mount capacitors are often very small and do not have the space for markings.