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What is a CCRR?

What is a CCRR?

The Ministry of Children and Family Development provides funding to CCRRs, which work in partnership with government to improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of child care in all B.C. communities.

Why do ccrrs charge for workshops?

CCRRs may elect to charge a nominal fee for workshops to ensure registration numbers align with attendance. CCRRs also help License-Not-Required child care providers to become registered by offering training and additional support through the process.

What is a child care resource and referral agency?

Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (CCRRs) provide services to parents and day care providers in every county of New York State. If you are looking for child care, the CCRR in your county is a great place to start.

Who does accrr work with?

ACCRR program staff work in partnership with Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators, Indigenous families and communities on and off reserve and in urban settings throughout the province. Visit website. Visit website. Visit website. Visit website.