What is a PA UC-2 form?

What is a PA UC-2 form?

P A Form U C – 2 A, Employer’s Quarterly Report of Wages Paid to Each Employee.

Where do I send my UC 2b PA form?

Note that an employer’s PA UC account number consists of seven numeric digits. Mail report. Use the enclosed return envelope. If the envelope is missing, mail report to the PA Department of Labor & Industry, Office of Unemployment Compensation Tax Services, PO Box 68568, Harrisburg, PA 17106-8568.

How do I amend my pa UC-2?

Purpose of Forms Use Form UC-2X to make changes to Gross and/or Taxable wages (increase or decrease) from those wages reported on the original PA FormUC-2. Use Form UC-2AX to correct wage records or credit weeks from that reported on the original PA Form UC-2A.

How do I report my unemployment benefits in PA?

To properly report earnings:

  1. The unemployment program processes all weeks as Sunday through Saturday.
  2. Earnings are to be reported in the week they are earned and not the week they are paid.
  3. Earnings from traditional employment must be reported in the gross amount each week, rounded up to the nearest dollar.

How do I find my pa unemployment account number?

PA Employer UC Account Number This seven-digit number is shown on the New Employer Confirmation Letter (Form UC-1408), Notice of Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Responsibilities (Form UC-851), and the Contribution Rate Notice (Form UC-657).

What is PA unemployment EIN number?

The PA Department of Revenue’s EIN is 23-6003112. This information is required by some software programs.

What is pAUC?

The area, or partial area under the ROC curve (AUC, or pAUC, respectively) is commonly used as a summary measure of classification efficiency for statistical comparison of the diagnostic criteria.

What is a uc2a?

UC-2: Employer’s Report for Unemployment Compensation. This form is used to report an employer’s quarterly gross and taxable wages, and UC contributions due. Reimbursable Employers should use the UC-2R. UC-2A: Employer’s Quarterly Report Of Wages Paid To Each Employee.

What is PAUC form?

Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation (P A U C) Quarterly Tax Forms. Page 1. PENNSYLVANIA UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION (PA UC) QUARTERLY TAX FORMS. • Form UC-2, Employer’s Report for Unemployment Compensation (below) • Form UC-2A, Employer’s Quarterly Report of Wages Paid to Each Employee.

How do I upload documents to Pua Pa?

To file for PUA you will need to go to benefits/file/Pages/Filing-for-PUA. aspx, and click the link that says “File for PUA.” will have the USERNAME AND PASSWORD that you create.

What does UC2 stand for?

UC2 stands for Unified Communications & Collaboration (IBM) Suggest new definition. This definition appears frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Information technology (IT) and computers.

What is PA UC 2?

PA UC-2, PA UC-2A, and PA UC-2B are variations on the state’s Unemployment Compensation Quarterly Tax Forms. The UC-2 is the employer’s report for unemployment compensation, the UC-2A (and supplement) is the quarterly report of wages paid to each employee, and the UC-2B is the report of employment and business changes.

What is UC 2 form?

The form consists of two parts called the EMPLOYEE QUARTERLY EARNINGS REPORT (UC-5A) , which lists your employee detail and the EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTION RETURN (UC-2), which is the tax portion of the return. These returns are not available on the website and are mailed to the employer.