What is a propeller?

What is a propeller?

A propeller is a device with a rotating hub and radiating blades that are set at a pitch to form a helical spiral, that, when rotated, exerts linear thrust upon a working fluid, such as water or air. Propellers are used to pump fluid through a pipe or duct, or to create thrust to propel a boat through water or an aircraft through air.

What is propropella’s platform?

Propella is employing a platform of medicinal chemistry and lymphatic targeting to create best-in-class oncology drugs starting from known actives that have validated mechanisms of action (MOAs) and biological targets.

How do you model a propeller?

Propeller dynamics, like those of aircraft wings, can be modelled by Bernoulli’s principle and Newton’s third law. Most marine propellers are screw propellers with fixed helical blades rotating around a horizontal (or nearly horizontal) axis or propeller shaft.

What is an azimuthing propeller?

An azimuthing propeller is a propeller that turns around the vertical axis. The individual airfoil-shaped blades turn as the propeller moves so that they are always generating lift in the vessel’s direction of movement. This type of propeller can reverse or change its direction of thrust very quickly.