What is a spiritmaster in Aion?

What is a spiritmaster in Aion?

The Spiritmaster is the debuff specialist and the only class that utilizes summons in Aion. Spiritmasters use their powerful summons to damage and keep enemies at bay while they themselves inflict massive damage through the use of their damage over time skills.

What is the Wind Spirit in Destiny 2?

The Wind Spirit is the second summon available to Spiritmasters. The Wind Spirit is a melee fighter with magic based attacks. They have the fastest speed and highest damage output of all the spirits.

How do I get the summon wind spirit skill?

The Summon Wind Spirit skill cannot be purchased from Skill Trainers. Instead, the player must get the skillbook as an NPC drop or find them on the broker . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

What’s the difference between ASMO spirit and magma spirit and ruinous offense?

Elyos Spirit ruinous offense does roughly 115k total damage over 15s where Asmo does roughly 195k in a single hit. Magma spirit does 1 direct hit with a x31 multiplier at 6243 base damage…

What is this spiritmaster guide for?

The following guide is intended to help those in the community wanting to play a Spiritmaster. I intend to cover everything starting from the very basics of pet control and finishing with very detailed strategies for end game player versus player situations.

What is the best spirit to summon in ESO?

The Fire Spirit – The Fire Spirit is a melee style summon with high burst damage. It is prbably the spirit that will be used the most by players before they reach the level cap. It has average Vitality, Speed, Attack, and Physical Defense while suffering from a lower then average Magic Defense.

What’s the latest version of Aion?

– English (Gameforge), German and French sections were updated to the latest version of the game (7.8). – Added the Aion 5.x version of the site (use the language selector to switch to it). – Added section for korean version of Aion Classic (1.2).

How many spirits can a spiritmaster summon?

Spiritmasters at this time may choose to summon any of up to five different spirits. These spirits make are often referred to as our “summons” and represent the namesake of our class. The spirits are not available initially but will be gained via skillbooks as you progress through the levels.

Is there a detailed spiritmaster guide?

Lots of people already asked me to write a detailed Spiritmaster guide and now I decided to do that. The Spiritmaster is quite a different play style from the other mage path, Instead of high direct damage the Spiritmaster deals damage over time spells and excels at disabling its opponents by Dispelling, Fearing and De-buffing them.