What is alle zusammen?

What is alle zusammen?

Wiktionary. alle zusammen. adverb. on the whole; everything considered.

How do you use Zusammen in a sentence?

Context sentences for “zusammen” nimm deine fünf Sinne zusammen! use your brains ( od head)! nimm deine fünf Sinne zusammen! setzt die Gewehre zusammen!

What is German for warm?

warm. More German words for warm. warm adjective. hot, thermal, mellow, poofy. erwärmen verb.

What is the meaning of Entgegen?

contrary to, against contrary to, instead of towards against. contrary to. entgegen wider.

Is Kuhl a German word?

Kühl (often anglicized Kuehl) is a German language surname.

What nationality is Kuhl?

Kühl (often anglicized Kuehl) is a German language surname.

What nationality is the name Kuhn?

German: from the personal name Kuno, a short form of Kunrat (see Konrad). The German word kühn, meaning ‘bold’, may have influenced the popularity of this short form, but is not necessarily the immediate source of it. German: variant spelling of Kühn(e) (see Kuehn).

Is Kuhl German?

KÜHL is a German word that literally means “cool”. In Scandinavia KÜHL is slang for “fun”.

Is Kuhn a Chinese name?

Kuhn is a surname of German origin, derived from the Old German name Conrad. It may refer to the following: Abraham Kuhn (banker) (1819–1892), German-American founder of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

Is Kuhn a Korean name?

Gun, also spelled Geon, Kŏn, Keon, Gon, Kuhn, or Kun, is a single-syllable masculine Korean given name, as well as an element in some two-syllable given names. The meaning differs based on the hanja used to write it.