What is CCSID?

What is CCSID?

A CCSID (coded character set identifier) is a 16-bit number that represents a particular encoding of a specific code page.

What CCSID 1252?

1252 is the best CCSID for working with Windows. 819 is similar to 1252, with a few changes, and is the best CCSID(Coded character set identifier) for working with non-Windows Latin-1 like Unix, Linux, Mac. For single-byte character sets, CCSIDs usually correspond directly to a code page.

What is the use of CCSID parameter?

CCSID parameter. Purpose: You can request the access method to convert data between the coded character set identifier (CCSID) specified on the JOB or EXEC statement and the CCSID specified on the DD statement.

How do I find my Ccsid MQ?

Resolving The Problem

  1. Login with a userid that has authority to use MQ.
  2. From the UNIX command prompt, type the locale command: locale.
  3. Find the “codeset name” associated with the locale: locale charmap.
  4. See : MQ product documentation for the mapping between the “codeset name” and the “CCSID” value:

What CCSID 285?

IBM code page 285 is an EBCDIC code page with full Latin-1-charset used in IBM mainframes. It is used in Ireland and the United Kingdom. CCSID 1146 is the Euro currency update of code page/CCSID 285. For other English-speaking countries, see EBCDIC code page 037.

What is the default CCSID for MQ queue manager?

MQ Classes for Java applications running on a Solaris server default to CCSID 819, and a IBM MQ queue manager running on Solaris also will default to CCSID 819. CCSID 819 is described as ISO 8859-1 ASCII.

What is CCSID 1208 in the mqmd?

If you set the ccsid 1208 on the message, the putting app is correctly identifying the content of the message, and the qmgr now has the correct information on the message. If you need however to process the message as XML and Unicode (ccsid 1200) you can ask for the message with a ccsid 1200 in the MQMD.

What is the CCSID value of amq8408?

For example, if the value of LANG is as shown below for the MQ administrator: In Linux, the corresponding CCSID is 819 and this is the value used during the creation of the queue manager. AMQ8408: Display Queue Manager details.

How to set CCSID and CCSID of message?

CCSID of a message is set in the Message Descriptor by the qmgr OR application program that mqputs the message. The default (and recommended) behavior is to let the qmgr set CCSID to its CCSID.