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What is considered a slice of pie?

What is considered a slice of pie?

An appropriate serving size is one-eighth of a pie with a 9-inch diameter or one-sixth of an 8-inch-diameter pie. One slice contains between 277 and 296 calories, depending on the size of the pie. So try to save apple pie for special occasions to help promote a healthy waistline.

How many Slice are in a pie?

How Many Slices in a Pie? If you’re slicing a pie in a conventional 9-inch pie pan, you should aim to cut between 6-8 slices. When you make your first cut with the serrated knife, slice the entire pie in half.

What type of word is slice?

noun. a thin, flat piece cut from something: a slice of bread. a part, portion, or share: a slice of land.

What is a serving size of pie?

Common serving sizes:

Serving Size Calories
100 g 237
1 piece (1/8 23 cm dia) 356
1 serving (150 g) 356
1 pie (23 cm) 2851

How many ounces is a slice of pie?

There are 67 calories in 1 ounce of Pie….Other common serving sizes.

Serving Size Calories
1 oz 67
100 g 237
1 piece (1/8 9″ dia) 356
1 pie (9″ dia) 2851

How many slices are in a large pie?

Large pizzas run about 14 inches in diameter and serve 10 slices. A large pizza is perhaps one of the most popular choices for game nights or laid-back evenings at home. Extra-large pizzas have a 16 to 20-inch diameter and yield 12 slices.

How do you cut a pie neatly?

Step 1 — Place pie in the freezer for about 15 to 30 minutes to chill before cutting. The fruit pie should be well chilled, but not frozen. Step 2 — Use a long serrated knife to score the crust. Place the knife across the top of the pie and press gently to cut through the edge of the crust.

What do you mean slice?

1a : a thin flat piece cut from something. b : a wedge-shaped piece (as of pie or cake) 2 : a spatula for spreading paint or ink. 3 : a serving knife with wedge-shaped blade a fish slice.