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What is EAD Mia?

What is EAD Mia?

Expert Agent Distribution – Most Idle Agent (EAD_MIA) is an agent selection method for call delivery. With EAD-MIA, calls are delivered to the available agent with the highest skill level who has been idle the longest since the last ACD call, when compared to other available agents with the same skill level.

What is ACW Avaya?

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What is ACD calls Avaya?

Avaya Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) distributes incoming, outgoing, and internet calls to groups of extensions. This allows the user to route any incoming call to the most relevant extension immediately.

What is staffed time in Avaya?

Staffed time is the time the attendant positions are active and ready for calls.

What is Hunt group in Avaya?

A Hunt Group is a collection of users handling similar types of calls, e.g. a sales department. An incoming caller wishing to speak to Sales can ring one number but the call can be answered by any number of extensions that are members of the Hunt Group.

What is ACD time in Avaya?

ACD Time. The total time that the agent spent on all split/ skill and direct agent ACD calls for the specified time period in any split/skill.

What does VdN stand for Avaya?

A vector directory number (VdN) is an extension on an automatic call distributor that directs an incoming call to a “vector”—a user-defined sequence of functions that may be performed, such as routing the call to a destination, giving a busy signal, or playing a recorded message.

What is average ACD time?

Avg ACD Time. The average length of this agent’s ACD calls (including direct agent calls) during the period covered. Avg ACW Time. The average length of After Call Work (ACW) sessions for this agent. This includes direct agent call activities.

What is vector Avaya?

A call vector is a set of commands in an Avaya communications system that provides call flow. A vector can contain up to 32 steps and is used to provide customized call routing, play announcements, route calls to both internal and external destinations, and collect digits to respond to dialed information.

What is the difference between hunt group and pickup group?

Hunt groups are a method of distributing telephone calls from a single phone number to a group of several phone handsets. A pickup group differs from a hunt group in that the user has to dial a number or press a button to pick up the call, wheras in a hunt group the call will be delivered automatically.