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What is festivus and when is it?

What is festivus and when is it?

December 23 is Festivus, a day reserved in (television) history for all who feel that the normal holiday traditions don’t quite fit the bill this year.

What is Festivus on’Seinfeld’?

For those unfamiliar, “Festivus” is a holiday that George Costanza’s father, Frank, claimed to have invented in the Season 9 episode titled “The Strike.” As the story goes, Frank was disillusioned with the commercialization of the holiday season, so he endeavored to create his own.

Where can you buy Festivus sweaters?

Festivus sweaters — to be worn at your annual Festivus party — are available on Amazon and elsewhere. Even Orlando International Airport notes that the vertical metal poles on their automated people movers are tinsel-free and have “very high strength-to-weight ratio” that makes them perfect for observing the annual “holiday.”

Do you celebrate Festivus The O’Keefe way?

Regardless of whether or not you decide to celebrate Festivus the traditional O’Keefe way, the way the Costanzas do or it your very own way, the whole point, strangely as it may sound, is to do something as a family. So, this holiday season, add in some Festivus for the rest of us ahead of Christmas Eve and pay homage to “Seinfeld.”

Where does clunge come from?

Suspicions are that clunge originates from the North East and there may be allusions to it in sitcoms set up there. I’ll continue to have a deep root about in the clunge and see if I can pull out any solid conclusions. A few months ago clunge was but the poor cousin to the likes of poon and even ham wallet.

Is clunge from Reginald Perrin on TV?

‘Clunge’ was used in the TV series Reginald Perrin many, many years ago (1978). If you are going to post a link, then at least post one with the live action…..