What is gk8 (gk8)?

What is gk8 (gk8)?

With GK8, you can start leveraging the power of digital assets while protecting them with a military-grade custody solution that keeps crypto out of hackers’ reach. The GK8 platform serves as a building block infrastructure that opens up an array of digital asset services, such as lending, trading, staking, and tokenization – on top of custody.

What is NetApp knowledge base?

NetApp Knowledge Base is the one-stop self-service portal for support information on all NetApp Products and Services. Here, you can find solutions, answers and procedures written by our technical experts to help resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.

What is gk8’s cold vault?

Utilizing our patented Cold Vault, GK8 is the only solution in the market to enable “Cold Staking” on Ethereum 2.0 – keeping funds in our always-offline vault.

What size twisted pair cable does Netkey use?

The NetKey® Cat 6 UTP RJ45 Punchdown Keystone Jack Module is designed to terminate 4-pair, 22-26 AWG twisted pair cable. Each module is 100% factory tested to exceed industry standard performance requirements. Contacts are plated with 50 microinches of gold for superior performance.