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What is GOSAT 2?

What is GOSAT 2?

GOSAT 2 ( Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite 2) is JAXA’s next generation satellite to monitor the greenhosue gases like carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is the follow on to the GOSAT (Ibuki) mission.

What is the separation time between Gosat-2 and KhalifaSat?

The separations of GOSAT-2 and KhalifaSat were confirmed respectively at approximately 16 minutes and 09 seconds and 24 minutes and 15 seconds after liftoff. 11) 12) Orbit: Sun-synchronous orbit, altitude = 613 km, inclination = 97.8º, revisit cycle of 6 days, LTAN (Local Time at Ascending Node) at 13:00 ± 0.15 hours.

What is the difference between Gosat-2 and Ibuki?

GOSAT-2, like GOSAT/Ibuki, is a joint project of MOE, NIES and JAXA. Its high-performance sensor instrumentation will enable the collection of even more accurate data than was possible with Ibuki. 7)

How does the Gosat-2 improve observation accuracy?

GOSAT-2 not only improves in observation accuracy but is equipped with enhanced function that can set the observation points on the ground according to target area to understand emissions and absorptions more accurately.