What is Holorib flooring?

What is Holorib flooring?

The combination of concrete and steel gives composite building structures for floors that optimally combine the advantages of both these construction materials. The sheets are easy to lay, light and slim design, economical.

What is composite floor deck?

Composite metal floor decking is metal floor deck with an embossment pattern manufactured into the sides (flutes) at regular intervals. The embossments allow the concrete to bond with the metal decking panel as the concrete cures.

What is hollow rib decking?

HOLORIB® / SUPERHOLORIB® COMPOSITE PROFILES HOLORIB®/SUPERHOLORIB® composite floor deck is the most widespread composite floor deck, that optimally solves all problems regarding fire protection, dynamic loading and sound insulation.

What is Holorib construction?

The Original. Click here to download Holorib technical data. This re-entrant profile is used as permanent shuttering and tensile reinforcement for suspended in-situ concrete slabs in new and refurbished buildings.

What is the difference between composite and non composite floor deck?

DACS Non-Composite decks are used when only a form for a concrete slab is desired. Unlike composite deck, selection of non-composite deck is not determined by the uniform load being supported, since in a non-composite application the deck is only used as a form for the concrete and not for positive reinforcement.

Which one is a composite floor?

Composite floor system consists of steel beams, metal decking and concrete. They are combined in a very efficient way so that the best properties of each material can be used to optimize construction techniques.

What are the disadvantages of composite materials?

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Disadvantages of composites include high raw material costs and usually high fabrication and assembly costs, poor strength in the out-of plane direction where the matrix carries the primary load, susceptibility to impact damage, and greater difficulty in repairing them compared to metallic structures.

What is Aluminium decking?

Neaco’s range of aluminium decking systems are ideal or balcony flooring, terraces and garden applications. Aluminium decking offers a wide range of advantages in comparison to more traditional materials such as timber and wood-polymer composite decking. …

What is ComFlor?

ComFlor® composite floor decks has set the benchmark in global construction technology, and is the market leader in composite steel flooring in New Zealand. ComFlor has been developed from British research and technology, and is tested to meet internationally recognised standards.