What is hymermobil?

What is hymermobil?

Hymermobil is the epitome of the integrated motorhome. There’s no separation between the passenger and living areas, which creates a feeling of generous open space. A true original – from the vehicle body to the intelligent electronic safety systems.

Which Hymer vehicle is the best of the best?

The HYMER Vision Venture received the “Best of the Best” in the “Concepts” category, joining the ranks of premium brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche.Call to Action First place in the liner category this year went to the Hymer B-Class MasterLine I 880, Hymer’s first tandem-axle vehicle built on the SLC chassis.

How much does a Hymer Camper Van cost?

2017 Hymer CARADO AXION, 2017 Hymer CARADO AXION – Please email or call for the full list of the features, availability or anything else we can send t… 2018 Hymer Aktiv 1.0, European Style Camper Van! Clever, Small, & Reasonably Priced! 2018 HYMER AKTIV 1.0 PRICE:$104,900.00 SPECIAL FEATURES 2 x 6…

Why choose a Hymer motorhome?

And another reason why you should choose a HYMER: in the “Low profile motorhome up to € 60,000” category, the HYMER Exsis-t impressed across the board and was also voted Motorhome of the Year 2020 in this class. From small, compact vehicles through to luxurious premium models, HYMER has the perfect motorhome to suit you.