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What is included in Ohana dinner?

What is included in Ohana dinner?

All-You-Care-To-Enjoy ‘Ohana Dinner

  • Mixed Greens Salad. with Citrus Vinaigrette.
  • Signature ‘Ohana Bread. with Honey Butter.
  • Honey-Coriander Chicken Wings.
  • Pork Dumplings Tossed In Garlic-Chili Sauce.
  • ‘Ohana Dinner Skillet.
  • ‘Ohana Bread Pudding.

How much is dinner at Ohana Disney?


Adult Meal $55.00
Child Meal $33.00

Are drinks included at Ohana?

You will be pleased to know that non-alcoholic drinks are included in the price at both Crystal Palace and ‘Ohana. In case you will be dining at any other table service restaurants that are buffet-style or serve family-style, all non-alcoholic drinks will be included in the price of the meal.

Is Ohana dinner family-style?

Located at Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Village Resort, ‘Ohana serves is a family-style restaurant serving Polynesian cuisine.

Is tip included at Ohana?

There is a fixed fee for dinner at Ohana. Ohana costs $55 per adult and $33 per child, plus tax and gratuity.

Why is Ohana so popular?

It’s an island cookout, the classic Hawaiian luau style that would otherwise include a pig roasting in the ground. Since you’re at an indoor restaurant, that’s not really possible, but the atmosphere is similar. People salivate the instant they smell the grill at ‘Ohana, and that’s why it’s so popular.

Does Ohana have a dress code?

No dress code at all. People wear all different things. T-shirts are all over there. over a year ago.

Do you tip at Ohana?

‘Family style’ dining, like you’d find at Ohana or Garden Grill, is where the server brings food to your table; these fall under the ‘Table service’ category and therefore tipping should be 18-20%.

How Much Is Be Our Guest dinner?

This 3-course dining experience is $62 for adults (ages 10 and up) and $37 for children (ages 3 to 9).

Is Ohana a character dinner?

Start your day with a bountiful breakfast or sit down to a Polynesian-themed dinner—both served family-style. Note: Characters and games are currently unavailable. Character Dining is currently not available at this location.

Is Ohana a hard reservation to get?

Ohanas is not one that you will get in without a reservation. Just keep checking to see if a spot opens up. The more flexible you are with times the more likely you will find a space. And yes you can park at the resort if you have a restaurant reservation.

Can you take home leftovers from Ohana?

Ohana Disney Restaurant Dinner Prices One of the best parts of Ohana is the price. Until we remind you it’s an all-you-care-to-enjoy restaurant. Which means you can ask for bread pudding to-go to eat later. Or a box to take all your leftovers home.

Where is Ohana dining at Walt Disney World?

Ohana is located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Find more Walt Disney World dining locations on our Walt Disney World menus page. Find out how you can save money on dining at Walt Disney World by using one of Disney’s Dining Plans. Planning a Walt Disney World Vacation?

What is on the menu at ‘Ohana?

If you have specific dietary requests, ‘Ohana has a few different menus. For plant-based diets, there is a plant-based menu. There is also an allergy-friendly menu. There are also plenty of great drink options including smoothies themed after Moana, Lilo, and Stitch!

How much is Ohana at Polynesian Village?

Ohana is located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Find more Walt Disney World dining locations on our Walt Disney World menus page. Restaurant Info: American, Family Style, $$$ Current Pricing: $25 for Adult Breakfast, $14 for Child’s Breakfast; $55 for Adult Dinner, $33 for Child’s Dinner

What are the best ‘Ohana dishes at the Hawaiian Food Festival?

We’ve made it to the main event, the ‘Ohana Skillet with Woodfire-grilled Teriyaki Beef, Island Shrimp Casserole with Herbed Breadcrumbs, Roasted Eight-way Chicken with Polynesian-inspired Chimichurri Sauce, Kielbasa Sausage, ‘Ohana Noodles, and Roasted Broccolini! First on the list are the iconic ‘Ohana Noodles!