What is monmonbus?

What is monmonbus?

Monbus is a company based in Spain. It operates a significant number of bus routes while maintaining the highest possible quality levels of the service provided to their passengers.

What terminal does the Monbus run from?

If you do this you will see the stops that the bus run from and the time that it stops for each stop. If you do this you will also see that currently (2015) the Monbus only runs from Terminal 1.

How do I look up the Monbus timetable for Sitges?

Q: I am arriving at 23:00 at Barcelona Airport and need to know the timetable for the Monbus service to Sitges. A: You can look up the Monbus timetable from the Monbus official website (follow our link below). Make certain to first select your date of travel because the form will not work otherwise.