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What is Optitex PDS?

What is Optitex PDS?

The Optitex PDS (Pattern Design Software) is an integrated CAD program that allows you to design and implement your patterns in a user-friendly environment. With the PDS you can import patterns you created in other CAD systems, draft your own patterns, modify patterns using editing tools, add grading, and more.

What is Optitex used for?

The apparel design and product development students use the OptiTex suite of computer-aided design software in courses. OptiTex allows apparel designers to: Create, alter, and manipulate garment patterns. Conduct virtual assessments of garment fit.

How much does Optitex cost?

The Optitex price for certification is $275 each.

What is pattern design system PDS?

InvenTex PDS – designing/creation of New patterns and shaping/modification of just existing, extremely quickly and precisely, all processing in computer, without use of ineffective and prone to errors manual working methods. …

How do I get Optitex?

To install Optitex software:

  1. Select the package you want to install.
  2. Unzip the package and extract the contents to your local computer. Note: It is recommended to run the installation as an administrator to make sure the software installs successfully. Right click on the installation file and select “Run as Admin”.

How do I download Optitex software?

What is the latest version of Optitex?

We are pleased to announce the release of Optitex O/21.2 – with added-value enhancements of 3D rendering and export options, with richer choice of materials, more design details, new 3D avatars and models, and greater flexibility.

How do you draft a pattern?

7 Easy Tips for Drafting Your Own Sewing Patterns

  1. Start With a Skirt.
  2. Build a Sloper Library.
  3. Get the Right Tools.
  4. Feel Free to Skip the Software.
  5. Learn Pattern Grading.
  6. Take Ease Into Account.
  7. Join a Patternmaking Community.

What do you understand by commercial pattern?

Commercial patterns are full-scale tissue paper clothing patterns used by the home-sewer to create garments and accessories issued in the States as early as 1854.

Can Optitex run on Mac OS?

Can Optitex run on MAC? Currently, the Mac Operating system is not supported. However, you can use dual boot utilities, such as Boot-Camp, that can run Windows on Apple computers.