What is strategic risk communication?

What is strategic risk communication?

Risk communication: Real-time exchange of information, advice and opinions – between experts, community leaders or officials and the people who are at risk – that is integral to any emergency response. Page 9. Risk Communication Strategy for Public Health Emergencies.

What is communication framework?

A communication strategy framework is a tool for planning communication with your employees, customers, suppliers and investors. Communication strategy identifies each of the groups you must influence and describes the attitudes you should strive for.

What is health Canada looking for to determine the level of health risk?

Health Canada addresses a variety of different types of health risks including those related to: specific diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, or cardiovascular disease; the quality, safety and effectiveness of drugs, medical devices, other therapeutic products, and pesticides; the safety of consumer products and …

What is an example of risk communication?

Disasters. A government agency calculates the risk of an earthquake based on the frequency of historical earthquakes in a region. They regularly communicate the risks to the public in a variety of media in order to encourage preparation such as earthquake resistant construction.

What are the 12 key determinants of health and wellness according to Health Canada?

The Public Health Agency of Canada has identified 12 determinants of health as follows:

  • Income and social status.
  • Social support networks.
  • Education and literacy.
  • Employment/working conditions.
  • Social environments.
  • Physical environments.
  • Personal health practices and coping skills.
  • Healthy child development.

What is Canada’s equivalent to the CDC?

The Public Health Agency of Canada
The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC; French: Agence de la santé publique du Canada, ASPC) is an agency of the Government of Canada that is responsible for public health, emergency preparedness and response, and infectious and chronic disease control and prevention.

What is COSO ERM framework and components?

ERM requires that strategic objectives align with operations, reporting, and compliance objectives. ERM also expands on the Internal Control- Integrated Framework’s risk assessment component by dividing it into four components: objective setting, event identification, risk assessment and risk response.

What is the Strategic Risk Communications Framework?

The Strategic Risk Communications Framework was produced by Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. It will enable program managers, communicators, and all decision-makers in the public health profession, to have a better understanding of how to manage and communicate risk with stakeholders.

What is the purpose of the Health Canada risk communication framework?

The purpose of this Framework is to support all Health Canada and PHAC professionals involved in risk management activities in integrating effective risk communications into their work. One way it can do this is by fostering and enabling collaboration throughout the Department and the Agency.

What is the PHAC risk communication framework?

Building on successful current practices in Health Canada and the PHAC, the Framework outlines a strategic, systematic approach to risk communications within the context of integrated risk management.

What is the FDA risk communication strategic plan for risk communication?

The box titled FDA Risk Communication Strategic Plan at a Glance (see page 4)summarizes the three key areas and the associated strategies on which we will focus our efforts. This FDA Strategic Plan for Risk Communication is an ambitious one that will take time and substantial collaboration with stakeholders to implement.