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What is the best Turkish learning app?

What is the best Turkish learning app?

What is the best app to learn Turkish?

  • Nowadays, learning a language, at least getting the speaking practice is easier thanks to mobile apps. Besides, you can download these apps on IOS and Android for free.
  • Yunus Emre Enstitüsü
  • Merhaba Umut.
  • Busuu.
  • Mondly Turkish.
  • Türkçe Öğrenme 6000 Kelime.

Can you learn Turkish in 3 months?

My experiences say a Turkish learner can learn Turkish by using many channels can be able to start speaking in 3 months. And can get a B1 level in 6 months by studying 3-4 hours a day without interrupting. Everything is easy after B1 because you will be able to understand dictionaries.

Is duolingo good for Turkish?

It’s ideal to complement your study with some other resources—like tutoring with italki or even a more grammar-focused course. But for beginner Turkish speakers, Duolingo is a decent enough platform to get started on. Pros: The format is fun and interactive, especially for beginning Turkish speakers.

What are some of the advantages of learning Turkish?

While a growing population of graduates do speak excellent English, a grasp of the Turkish language gives you a significant advantage in conducting business with Turkey and engaging with its citizens. Turkey also has a thriving modern culture of its own that you can connect with when you understand the language.

How long does learning Turkish take?

If you can live in Turkey for more than a holiday, then you can immerse yourself in Turkish. Most serious learners get to an intermediate level of understanding in 1-3 years, with regular lessons and help from the internet and books, the time taken usually related to the intensity of their learning.

Is Turkish a hard language to learn?

Turkish is considered to be one of the world’s hardest languages to learn. Ataturk , the founder of modern Turkey, made many changes as the Ottoman Empire came to an end. These changes included the use of a modified Latin alphabet, making the Turkish language easier to read for most Europeans.

Why is Turkish easy language to learn?

But it is an easy language to learn and now I will tell you why it is easy to learn by following reasons: 1.First of all, there is no gender in Turkish . You know how much time and job you are saving by not learning genders like in some Romance Languages.