What is the default response type for redirects?

What is the default response type for redirects?

By default Response.Redirect has EndResponse value is true. Response.Redirect (“Default.aspx”, false) means current page execution is not terminated and code written after the Response.Redirect (“Default.aspx”, false) is executed and then after the page is redirected to the Default.aspx.

What is responseredirect true and response redirect false?

What is Response.Redirect true and Response.Redirect false? These are the Response objects of Asp.Net which are used to redirect page from one page to another page and true and false are the optional parameters of the Redirect methods which decides whether the current page response terminate or not.

What is response Redirect Method in Salesforce?

Response.Redirect Method. The Redirect method causes the browser to redirect the client to a different URL. Parameters. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that the browser is redirected to.

What is endresponse in Redirect Method?

EndResponse: EndResponse is the optional parameter of the Redirect method having true and false values ,when you false value then its does not terminate the execution of the current page, the default is true. What is the difference between Response.Redirect true and false?

What is the difference between url and endresponse in responseredirect method?

Response.Redirect method takes two parameter URL and endResponse. Response.Redirect has URL is the mandatory parameter where as endResponse is optional parameter. url is the string parameter which takes the url or page name and endResponse is the boolean parameter which has true and false values.

How to redirect a client to another page in ASP NET?

ASP.NET performs the redirection by returning a 302 HTTP status code. An alternative way to transfer control to another page is the Transfer method. The Transfer method is typically more efficient because it does not cause a round trip to the client. For more information, see How to: Redirect Users to Another Page. Redirects a client to a new URL.