What is the monastery icons collection?

What is the monastery icons collection?

Since 1981 thousands of churches, schools and families around the world have looked to the Monastery Icons collection for traditional Christian art. From the smallest plaque to the largest mounted icon each piece is a work of art – made to last, made to be treasured. Browse this collection to find your favorite image of Men Saints.

Why choose monmonastery icons?

Monastery Icons offers the largest collection of matching icons in America: over 200 of your most beloved themes of Christian sacred art, with bright, rich colors and English text. From the smallest to the largest mounted icon, we do our best to make each icon plaque a work of art — made to last made to be treasured.

What is the light of Christ Monastery?

The “Light of Christ Monastery” and the Convent of the Virgin Mary in Borrego Springs, CA., formerly the “Gnostic Orthodox” in Geneva, Nebraska (Holy Protection Gnostic Orthodox Monastery and the St. John of Kronstadt Gnostic Orthodox Convent) are “monastic communities” of self-styled monks and nuns.

What is the history of Holy Protection Orthodox monastery?

In about 1981 “Bishop George” decided that they had outgrown Old Catholicism, and they became “Holy Protection Orthodox Monastery.” They dressed as Orthodox monks and did the services impeccably well, as George had learned in Boston.

What is the meaning of Mons Quarantana?

They referred to the site as Mons Quarantana (compare with quarante in modern French and quaranta in modern Italian, both meaning forty, the number of days in the Gospel account of Jesus’s fast). The land upon which the modern monastery was built was purchased by the Orthodox Church in 1874.

Where is the monastery of the temptation located?

The Monastery of the Temptation ( Greek: Μοναστήρι του Πειρασμού, Arabic: دير القرنطل ‎ Deir al-Quruntal, Hebrew: דיר אל-קרנטל ‎) is a Greek Orthodox monastery located in Jericho, Palestine.