What is the most realistic ww2 movie?

What is the most realistic ww2 movie?

Top 20 Most Realistic WWII movies

  • Come and See (1985) Not Rated | 142 min | Drama, Thriller, War.
  • Before the Fall (2004) 110 min | Drama, Sport, Thriller.
  • Europa Europa (1990) R | 112 min | Drama, History, War.
  • The Bridge (1959)
  • Saving Private Ryan (1998)
  • Play Dirty (1969)
  • Joy Division (2006)
  • Cross of Iron (1977)

Who made come and see?

Elem Klimov

Come and See
Directed by Elem Klimov
Screenplay by Ales Adamovich Elem Klimov
Starring Aleksei Kravchenko Olga Mironova
Cinematography Aleksei Rodionov

What happened to the crew of Tiger 131?

It was Tiger 131. Tiger 131 is recovered from the battlefIeld. Lt. Gudgin and his crew bailed out under heavy machine gun fire and were fortunate to escape with minor injuries; the crew of the other tank were all killed.

What are the best historical war movies?

Best historical war Movies 1 The Longest Day (1962)#N#G | 178 min | Action, Drama, History#N#7. 2 Saving Private Ryan (1998) More

Are there any English war movies available in India?

We managed to include the latest new English War movies and the ones coming out this year as well. Most of these films are also dubbed and available in Indian regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, etc. as well.

Are there any Hollywood war movies based on True Stories?

Here’s a list of best Hollywood War Movies based on true stories and events. These are not just the films based on war (WW1, WW2, etc.), but even about Military and Army world. We managed to include both the old and new movies on this list!

How would you rank the war movies on this list?

The war movies on this list are ranked according to their success (awards & nominations), their popularity, and their cinematic greatness from a directing/writing perspective. To me, accuracy when making a Top 10/Top 100 all time list is extremely important.