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What is the number one radio station in Nashville?

What is the number one radio station in Nashville?

Most-listened-to Radio Stations in Nashville

Rank Name Average Nielsen shares (July 2018-June 2019)
1 WJXA-FM (92.9) 9.6
2 WCJK-FM (96.3) 7.2
3 WNRQ-FM (105.9) 6.8
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What is the black radio station in Nashville Tennessee?


Broadcast area Nashville
Frequency 760 kHz
Branding Gospel
Format Black Gospel

What’s the hip hop station in Nashville Tennessee?

WXNA 101.5 FM Just like my station back…”

What radio stations are in Nashville?

Our Stations

  • 107.5 The River. Nashville, TN. Top 40 & Pop.
  • 105.9 The Rock. Nashville, TN.
  • The BIG 98. Nashville, TN.
  • 101.1 The Beat. Nashville, TN. Hip Hop and R&B.
  • TalkRadio 98.3 & 1510AM WLAC. Nashville, TN. News & Talk.
  • Hit Nation Top 20. Nashville, TN. Top 40 & Pop.
  • The Big Legend. Nashville, TN.
  • Nashville’s BIN 97.5. Nashville, TN.

What happened to 101.1 The Beat?

On March 31, 2021, the station dropped the “Beat” format and began stunting with a loop of songs by Notorious B.I.G and Dr. Dre, alternating artists each song, with sweepers stating “What the hell is happening at 101.1?” and “Something big is coming” with a new format launch set for 4 p.m. on April 1.

Is Dolewite white?

Friends came up with the air name Dolewite after playing around with the name of comedic actor Rudy Ray Moore’s character Dolemite. They changed it to Dolewite because, well, Raymer is white. And white personalities in urban radio were rare at the time.

What radio station is John Boy and Billy on in Nashville?

WNRQ is an FM radio station in Nashville, Tennessee, broadcasting on a frequency of 105.9 MHz.

What is the best country music station in Nashville?

95.5 WSM THE WOLF 650 AM WSM is the most famed country music station in the world.

How do I become a radio host?

To become a radio host, you can get an associate or bachelor’s degree in communications, broadcasting, or journalism. If your college has an on-campus radio station, volunteer or apply to work there to gain on-air experience and get familiar with using control and mixing boards.