What is the order of draw of venipuncture?

What is the order of draw of venipuncture?

This is known as the Order of Draw. Blood Culture Tubes or Vials. Coagulation Tubes (Blue-Top Tubes) Serum Tubes without Clot Activator or Gel (Red-Top tubes) Serum Tubes with Clot Activator or Gel (Gold or Tiger Top Tubes)

What is the correct order of draw tubes only?

The order of draw is based on CLSI Procedures and Devices for the Collection of Capillary Blood Specimens; Approved Standard – Sixth Edition, September 2008. This standard recommends that EDTA tubes be drawn first to ensure good quality specimen, followed by other additive tubes and finally, serum specimen tubes.

What color order do you draw blood?

Order Of Draw Chart

Blood Draw Order Tube Color Description
1 Color Varies Blood Cultures
2 Light Blue Sodium Citrate
3 Red Clot Activator
4 Gold SST

What is the first step in routine blood collection?

The first step to the collection is to positively identify the patient by two forms of identification; ask the patient to state and spell his/her name and give you his/her birth date.

What is the phlebotomy Order of draw?

The phlebotomy order of draw should also remain the same despite whether the tubes are glass or plastic. The order of draw is followed in every venous blood collection. This system is also used for inpatients, outpatients, and home care.

What is the correct order of draw in phlebotomy?

The basic order of draw followed by most phlebotomy laboratories is as follows: Yellow Top (or Yellow-Black). This tube is used for blood cultures. Light Blue. This tube contains sodium citrate , and is used for coagulation assays. Red. This tube does not contain any additives. Gray (with Red) or Gold.

What is the Order of drawing blood cultures?

The order of draw is as follows: Yellow: Blood cultures – this preserves microorganisms within the blood. Light Blue: Light blue tubes are also called coagulation tubes. They contain sodium citrate and are used for blood coagulation tests. Plain Red: The most common color for venipuncture. A plain red tube contains no additives.

What is the Order of draw tube colors in phlebotomy?

The order of draw tube colors in phlebotomy is as follows: light blue, red, light green, green, lavender, pink, grey, yellow, dark blue and royal blue. Blood cultures should always be drawn first to avoid causing damage to the cultures.