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What is the purpose of rocks in a gas fireplace?

What is the purpose of rocks in a gas fireplace?

Fire rocks are used in natural gas fireplaces or in natural gas or propane burning fire pits. It may be used as the main fuel distributor or as padding for fire glass to go on top. Fire rocks are proven to increase combustion efficiency and maintain a desirable aesthetic quality.

Where do the rocks go in a gas fireplace?

To place the rock wool, grab some tongs and carefully pull small pieces out of the bucket and onto your vermiculite. Your gas logs will lay on your burner pan, so make sure to have the rock wool almost hanging off the edges. This will ensure you can see more “coals” when your fire is burning.

Do you need rocks in a gas fireplace?

Do I need them? The main reason lava rocks are used in your fireplace is to complete the look of a natural log fire in your unit. They are generally not necessary to the function of your fireplace, but they do add to the ambiance and make it look better.

How long do fire rocks last?

How Long Do Lava Rocks Last in a Fire Pit? Lava rocks should last for around two years before they start to show signs of wear. Keep using them in your fire pit until you notice them getting a little crumbly looking.

Can you use stones in gas fireplace?

If you use smaller stones, it might work. The ceramic logs must be placed *just so* in a gas fp. to prevent the gas from collecting in a pocket then going “WHAM” when it manages to ignite. The glass works because it is very small.

How can I make my gas fireplace more realistic?

Towards a gas fireplace that looks like a ‘real’ fireplace

  1. Step 1 | Install the burner bed on andirons with a grate or in a fire basket.
  2. Step 2 | Invest in beautiful ceramic logs.
  3. Step 3 | Place a fireback against the back wall of the fireplace.
  4. Step 4 | Place antique fireplace accessories around the fireplace.

Can you use river rocks in gas fireplace?

Sandstone, river rocks, natural rocks, and gravel are not ideal fill for fire pits because they are more likely to crack or explode under high heat. No matter what type of fill you use, make sure the fill is dry when you light the fire. Even wet lava rock can explode.

What rocks are safe for fire pits?

Hard rocks like granite, marble, or slate are much denser, and therefore less likely to absorb water and explode when exposed to heat. Other rocks that are safe to use around and in your fire pit include fire-rate brick, lava glass, lava rocks, and poured concrete.

Can you put glass rocks in a gas fire pit?

Fire pit lava rock and fire glass can be used to complement each other when used together in a propane or natural gas fire pit. Mixing lava rock and fire glass, or layering them on top of each other in a fire pit’s burner pan, are practical alternatives to using one or the other alone.

What is an inset gas fire?

An inset gas fire is typically installed within a cavity in a chimney and is designed to sit flush against the wall to provide a sleek and stylish finish. This is a great choice for those who prefer the look of a real flame, with both traditional and contemporary designs available to suit a range of interiors.

What kind of gas fire is apex Lux?

Apex Fires Lux Full Depth Inset Hotbox Gas Fire is a 3.9kW inset gas fire, choice of trims and frets, coal or pebble fuel bed, manual control or slide control, designed for class 1 chimneys and flues or class 2 prefabricated flues, NG only

Where can I buy gas fires in the UK?

If you’re looking to buy gas fires in the UK, you’re in the right place. Here at Direct Fireplaces, we offer a wide range of fires for all chimney types, including wall mounted gas fires, hole in the wall gas fires, outset gas fires and high efficiency gas fires. Many are inset gas fires, but we have something to suit just about every requirement.

Which gas fire is right for You?

The open fronted inset gas fires look incredibly realistic, if it is efficiency you require, we would recommend a glass fronted inset gas fire or one of the new efficiency plus open fronted fires. Whichever you prefer, Modern or Traditional Gas Fires we will have the right one for you.