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What is the real name of Avicii?

What is the real name of Avicii?

For the author, see Tim Bergling (writer). Tim Bergling (Swedish: [ˈtɪmː ˈbæ̂rjlɪŋ] (listen); 8 September 1989 – 20 April 2018), known by his stage name Avicii (/ əˈviːtʃi / ə-VEE-chee, Swedish: [aˈvɪ̌tːɕɪ]), was a Swedish DJ, remixer, record producer, musician, and songwriter.

What are some good articles about Avicii?

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What is Avicii’s legacy in the music industry?

^ “Avicii’s legacy is ‘transforming mental health in the music industry ‘ “. BBC. 28 March 2019. Retrieved 8 February 2021. ^ Blistein, Jon (26 March 2019).

Did Avicii make a vocal version of You?

The new vocal version was released along with an instrumental version, a radio edit, and remixes from Audrio and Didrick. On 9 January 2013, Bergling launched the Avicii X You project, a partnership with Ericsson designed to create the world’s first ” crowdsourced ” hit song.

What is the story behind Avicii’s name?

In popular culture. Avicii was named in the 2016 song ” I Took a Pill in Ibiza ” by American singer and songwriter Mike Posner. Posner recounts the event when he went to an Avicii show in Ibiza and got a mystery pill from someone, with the starting lyrics “I took a pill in Ibiza / To show Avicii I was cool”.

What happened to Avicii?

The teenager–who in a few years’ time would become internationally known as the EDM DJ Avicii–suddenly felt his throat turn scratchy and dry from the intake of marijuana, as his heart started pounding and paranoia crept in.

How do you pronounce Avicii’s name?

Tim Bergling (Swedish pronunciation: ; born 8 September 1989), known professionally as Avicii (/əˈviːtʃi/, ə-VEE-chee; Swedish pronunciation: , stylized as ΛVICII and ◢ ◤), is a Swedish DJ, remixer, and record producer.