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What is the story of El Dragon?

What is the story of El Dragon?

To replace his grandfather as head of a cartel, a Tokyo financier returns to his home country of Mexico, where he must battle two rivals for control. Starring Sebastián Rulli (“Lo que la vida me robó”) and Renata Notni (“Mi adorable maldición”).

Does Asya die in El Dragon?

But something that makes him make the final decision to accept such a position, is his wife Asya, who decides to commit suicide upon learning that she suffers from a terminal illness. Miguel will live a terrible duel and close the doors of his heart forever.

Who is Adela in El Dragon?

Cast of El Dragon Season 3 Adela Cruz is played by Renata Notni.

Who is Víctor in El Dragón?

Daniel Elbittar
El Dragón: Return of a Warrior (TV Series 2019–2020) – Daniel Elbittar as Víctor – IMDb.

What is the end of El Dragon?

After handing over forty-four episodes, the collection ended on January 20, 2020. Both seasons got here first in the United States on a community named Univision.

Is there romance in El Dragon?

There is romance, action, suspense and drama everything mixed well.

Who is Valentin in El Dragon?

Rubén Sanz
El Dragón: Return of a Warrior (TV Series 2019–2020) – Rubén Sanz as Valentín Soria – IMDb.

Is there a 3rd season of El Dragon?

We want to be aware of whether or not we will see El Dragon Season three. The subsequent season was completed up on January 20, 2020. From that factor forward, we have no longer gotten with Netflix about any decision.

What episode does Miguel and Adela get together?

Episode 30
Episode 30 A trip to their hometown brings Adela and Miguel closer together.

Is El Dragon worth watching?

El dragon has started with emotional and complex events. I thought it would be an amazing drama series. Even though it is not what I have expected, I can honestly say that this show is full of cheesy moments, mystery, crime, drama and a little bit of cringe but in a good way. So in the end it’s mildly entertaining.

Who is Vanessa in El Dragon?

Renata Notni is only 26 years old, but she has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. You might know her for the Netflix show El Dragón (The Dragon: The Return of a Warrior) or for being Diego Boneta’s (Luis Miguel: the series) girlfriend.

Will there be a season 3 of El Dragon?