What is the summary of Act 1 Scene 3?

What is the summary of Act 1 Scene 3?

Summary. In Capulet’s house, just before the feast is to begin, Lady Capulet calls to the Nurse, needing help to find her daughter. Juliet enters, and Lady Capulet dismisses the Nurse so that she might speak with her daughter alone.

Who acted in Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 3?

Summary: Act 1, scene 3 Before Lady Capulet can begin to speak, the Nurse launches into a long story about how, as a child, an uncomprehending Juliet became an innocent accomplice to a sexual joke. Lady Capulet tries unsuccessfully to stop the wildly amused Nurse.

What is the action in Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 2?

Act 1 Scene 2 Paris visits Lord Capulet to ask for Juliet’s hand in marriage. Lord Capulet thinks Juliet is too young to marry saying to Paris ‘Let two more summers wither in their pride, / Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride’. However, he later encourages Paris to woo her at a ball at his house.

What is Act 1 mainly about in Romeo and Juliet?

The deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The families’ rivalry and Lady Capulet’s desire for Juliet to marry Paris. Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet is mainly about the Capulet-Montague family feud and. Romeo’s unrequited love for Rosaline.

What subject does Lady Capulet want to take up with Juliet?

Lady Capulet wants to talk to her daughter, Juliet, about the possibility of marriage. They discuss the fact that Juliet still has two weeks left before her fourteenth birthday, but, as Lady Capulet points out, plenty of girls her age are mothers already.

Where does the Act 1 Scene 3 take place in Merchant of Venice?

The Rialto is the business district of Venice, where the merchants meet. Rialto tell me he has a third ship in Mexico, and a fourth in England, as well as other business ventures throughout the world.

What happens in Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 1 and 2?

Summary. On another street of Verona, Capulet walks with Paris, a noble kinsman of the Prince. The two discuss Paris’s desire to marry Capulet’s daughter, Juliet. Capulet is overjoyed, but also states that Juliet—not yet fourteen—is too young to get married.

What is Act 1 mainly about?

Terms in this set (14) What is Act One mainly about? Act 1 is mainly about the members of the Secret Annex going into hiding and facing many rules.

What act and scene does Romeo meet Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 5 – Romeo first notices Juliet.