What is the swear word in China?

What is the swear word in China?

1. 操你妈 – Cào nǐ mā Of all the bad words in Chinese Mandarin, 操你妈 is probably one of the most classic and insulting swears you can use to take someone down a notch. These negative meaning words consist of the three simple characters: 操 (f*ck) 你 (your) 妈 (mom).

How do you search Chinese on YouTube?

Follow the steps below to use Google Pinyin Input keyboard with YouTube.

  1. Press HOME button on the remote to go Home menu. Scroll down to the Apps shelf and select YouTube.
  2. Select the search button on the top left.
  3. This will allow you to enter Pin Yin.
  4. The will allow you to enter English text and.

What does Cao Ni Ma means?

The Caonima, literally “Grass Mud Horse”, is supposedly a species of alpaca. The name is similar to a profanity (Chinese: 肏你妈/操你媽; pinyin: cào nǐ mā), which translates as “fuck your mother”. The initial image found in the original Baidu Baike article was a zebra, but was replaced with an alpaca in subsequent revisions.

What is YouTube in Chinese?

Youku Tudou Inc. (formerly Youku Inc.), doing business as Youku (Chinese: 优酷; lit.

Why is the number 250 bad in China?

As a Mandarin slang term, 250 (二百五 pinyin èrbǎiwǔ) is an insult meaning “stupid person” or “simpleton”. The expression is based on bàndiàozi (半弔子 or 半吊子 [dabbler, dilettante]).

What can’t you say in China?

In China, you can’t say these words

  • Winnie the Pooh (小熊维尼) — Chinese internet users use images of Winnie the Pooh to represent President Xi Jinping.
  • Baozi (包子) — Steamed bun.
  • Dalai Lama (达赖喇嘛) — The Tibetan leader in exile.
  • Tibet Independence (西藏独立) — Talking about independence for Tibet is forbidden.

Why are Chinese characters appearing on YouTube?

That looks like an encoding issue where Unicode text is displayed as an 8-bit (Western or Windows) encoding. You can check the currently used encoding and make sure the Unicode is selected.

What does NMSL mean?

Your mom is dead
If you followed the recent meme war between Thai and Chinese netizens, you probably encountered the slang NMSL, an acronym for nǐ mā sǐle 你妈死了 — or in simple English, “Your mom is dead.”

What is Bendan?

bendan : fool, idiot… : bèn dàn | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

What are the swear words in Chinese?

Chinese Swear Words – Commonly Used 妈的 (mā de) This quite simply means sh!t. 他妈的 (tā mā de) In a nutshell this is f*ck*ng sh!t in English! 傻屄 (shǎ bī) Calling someone a “stupid female reproduction system” is a very impolite way to describe a mean or disagreeable person. 二百五 (Èr bǎi wǔ) Quite a funny one this. 肏 (cào) Quite simply – fcuk!

What are some swear words?

The unacceptable and rude words of a language are known as the swear words , or bad language. They include the strongest and most offensive words; stronger than slang and colloquial language. See Also: Euphemism; Minced Oath; Standard English; Dialect.

Is Hoe a cuss word?

So by definition, yes it is a curse word, hoe is in the acronym, however it is only as much of a curse word as wtf or stfu. Some people do take offence to the term, whereas others do not.

What are some Spanish curse words?

As the old Spanish saying goes, a man whose wife is cheating on him is called a ‘cabrón’ i.e. his horns are growing. Everyone then started using ‘Que Cabrón!’(What a bastard!), to swear at others. It’s quite a mild cuss, and often used just as a sarcastic remark instead of a real curse.