What is the weirdest city name in the US?

What is the weirdest city name in the US?

The 35 Weirdest City Names In The U.S.

  • American Fork, Utah.
  • Dinosaur, Colorado.
  • Fries, Virginia.
  • Placentia, California.
  • Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.
  • Bluff, Alaska.
  • Soda Springs, Idaho.
  • Bangs, Texas.

Does fart Virginia exist?

Fart, Virginia There is very little info on the small town, so the residents might like to keep a low profile — and keep the spotlight off of them.

Is there a fart Virginia?

Whether you call it a queef, a vaginal fart, vaginal gas, or even a “vart,” the passage of air through the vaginal canal produces a sound that’s similar to anal flatulence. But unlike a fart, a vaginal release of air doesn’t have a gassy odor.

What are some oddly named communities in Wisconsin?

Here are 25–and believe me, that’s just a sampling–of Wisconsin’s oddly named communities: Arkansaw, Wis. was named after the Arkansas River. I’m not sure when someone decided to replace the ‘S’ with a ‘W,’ but who am I to question their logic? I have to wonder if an introvert named this town as a strategic way of deterring others from moving in.

Which town in Wisconsin has the silliest name?

These 11 Wisconsin Towns Have The Silliest Names But Are So Worth A Visit 1 Baraboo. 2 Rhinelander. Home of the hodag, this up north spot has a logging and a railroad museum, ziplines, 3 Oconomowoc. The far western part of the Milwaukee area is chock full of lakes, 4 Viroqua. This city in the driftless is a hidden foodie paradise.

What are some hard-to-pronounce Native American names in Wisconsin?

So there are probably hundreds of hard-to-pronounce Native American town names in Wisconsin, but Oconomowoc is one of my favorites because it stumps every single out-of-towner. Hehe. Aside from my evil regard for baffling nonnatives, I also like that the name Oconomowoc derives from Coo-no-mo-wauk, which is the Potawatomi term for “waterfall.”

How many cities are in Wisconsin?

Cities of Wisconsin at night in 2012, as seen through the window of the International Space Station. The partial view of Minneapolis at top however is part of Minnesota. Wisconsin is a state located in the Midwestern United States. As of April 1, 2010, there were 190 cities in Wisconsin.