What nationality is the last name Shropshire?

What nationality is the last name Shropshire?

Shropshire Name Meaning English: regional name from the county of Shropshire, on the western border of England with Wales.

How common is the last name Shropshire?

How Common Is The Last Name Shropshire? The surname is the 77,937th most prevalent surname on earth. It is borne by around 1 in 1,161,547 people.

What are the oldest surnames in England?

The oldest English surname on record was actually from East Anglia. Believe it or not, the oldest recorded English name is Hatt. An Anglo-Saxon family with the surname Hatt are mentioned in a Norman transcript, and is identified as a pretty regular name in the county.

What are the 10 most common surnames in England?

This ranking reports the thousand most common surnames in the United Kingdom….Ranking.

Rank Surname Places
1 SMITH 279153
2 JONES 193960
3 BROWN 149266
4 TAYLOR 144214

Is part of Shropshire in Wales?

Shropshire, also called Salop, geographic and historic county and unitary authority of western England bordering on Wales. Historically, the area has been known as Shropshire as well as by its older, Norman-derived name of Salop. Shrewsbury, in central Shropshire, is the administrative centre.

Why is Shropshire called Salop?

Salop is an old name for Shropshire, historically used as an abbreviated form for post or telegrams, it is thought to derive from the Anglo-French “Salopesberia”. It is normally replaced by the more contemporary “Shrops” although Shropshire residents are still referred to as “Salopians”.

What does the surname Bolas mean?

English: habitational name from Great Bolas in Shropshire, named in Old English with an unidentified first element (possibly an unattested word bogel meaning ‘bend in a river’) + wæsse ‘land beside a river liable to flood’.

What is the rarest British surname?

Not Smith and Jones – Rare British Surnames On The Cusp Of Extinction

  • Sallow (English)
  • Fernsby (English)
  • Villin or Villan (English)
  • Miracle (Welsh)
  • Dankworth (English)
  • Relish (English)
  • MacQuoid (Scottish)
  • Loughty (Scottish)

What are very British last names?

The top 50 surnames in England and the number of people who have them

  • Smith – 632,854.
  • Jones – 380,439.
  • Taylor – 293,387.
  • Brown – 283,795.
  • Williams – 271,532.
  • Wilson – 195,974.
  • Johnson – 191,454.
  • Davies – 175,818.

What’s Shropshire famous for?

Shropshire is famous as the birthplace of industry, but it’s given the world much more than this. Sweet peas to skyscrapers, here’s our list of ten facts about the county. Lord Hill’s column, outside Shropshire County Council’s headquarters at Shire Hall, Shrewsbury, is the tallest of its kind in the world.

Where does the last name Shropshire come from?

Last name: Shropshire. This is an English locational surname of post medieval 17th century origins, and some considerable mystery.

What are genealogy links to Shropshire online databases?

These are genealogy links to Shropshire online databases and indexes that may include birth records, marriage records, death records, biographies, cemeteries, censuses, histories, immigration records, land records, military records, newspapers, obituaries, or probate records.

How many civil parishes are in Shropshire?

The Cambrian railway crosses the NW corner of the county, while the North Staffordshire railway penetrates the NE corner to Market Drayton. Shropshire contains 250 entire civil parishes and parts of 5 others, and 261 entire ecclesiastical parishes and parts of 24 others.

How many people are called Hoof in Shropshire?

For example, there were 95 people called HOOF in Shropshire at the time of the 1881 census. The Frequency column shows the percentage of people in this county or town with this surname. For example, a frequency of 0.0376 in Shropshire means that 0.0376% of the people in Shropshire on census day were called HOOF.