What newspaper has the best crossword puzzles?

What newspaper has the best crossword puzzles?

The Telegraph and Guardian are the joint victors with the Times, depressingly, at the back of the pack. It should not need to be repeated that none of these scores relates to the clues, setters, editors, puzzles or even the culture of the crosswords.

Are there online crosswords?

Online Crossword Puzzles Play the daily crossword puzzle from Dictionary.com and grow your vocabulary and improve your language skills. Learn new words and practice problem solving skills when you play the daily crossword puzzle. Use the crossword solver from Dictionary.com to help fill in all the clues.

Is there an app for crossword puzzles?

The general consensus is that the New York Times Crossword is the best crossword app you can get. There’s a reason why this daily crossword puzzle enjoys the legendary status that it does.

How do you play crossword with friends online?

Once you’re logged in and you click that “Partner Mode” text, you’ll see a prompt with a button to copy a link to the crossword that you can send to a friend. When your friend clicks or taps the link, you’ll both be able to work on the crossword puzzle together.

Do crosswords online with friends?

Just select the button that says Partner Mode (or the person with a plus sign, on mobile), and then share the link by text, e-mail, or however you see fit. Once your solving partner opens the link on their device, their cursor will appear in green alongside yours, and you can puzzle out answers together, in real time.

Are there free crossword apps?

Crossword Puzzle Free (Redstone) This free crossword app has two different names, depending on which mobile platform you use. On Google Android, it’s called Crossword Puzzle Free.

Can I get the Times crossword online?

What crosswords are available on The Times website? Your digital subscription includes free access to interactive and print versions of the daily cryptic and concise puzzles which are publshed in The Times, Monday to Friday.

What are the crossword puzzles?

crossword puzzle. noun. a puzzle in which the solver deduces words suggested by numbered clues and writes them into corresponding boxes in a grid to form a vertical and horizontal patternSometimes shortened to: crossword.

Are crossword puzzles addictive?

Crossword puzzles are addictive not only because they have the right ingredients for being entertaining and witty but because they energize the neurons in our brains that assures break-free dedication towards solving the puzzle. Crosswords can be termed addictive also because of their structure and nature of play.

What is the best crossword app for Android?

Top 10 Best CrossWord Solver Apps and Crossword Tracker Apps for Android CodyCross – Themed Crossword Puzzles. Whoever said that crossword puzzles are boring? Crossword Cakes. Crossword Cakes takes on a bakery theme to add some style to the crossword world. Crossword Puzzle Free. One Clue Crossword. Wordalot – Picture Crossword. World’s Biggest Crossword. Crossword. Word Search: Crossword. Crosswords with Friends.