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What size is Cokin P?

What size is Cokin P?

Cokin produce various differently-sized versions of the Creative Filter System. The smallest is “A” (“Amateur”, 67mm wide). The larger “P” (“Professional”, 84mm wide) system covers cases where “A” filters are too small to cover the lens (or would cause problems at wider angles).

How do you attach a Cokin filter?

Below is an illustration showing you in what order you should assemble Cokin filter system.

  1. Attach the Filter Adapter Ring to your lens.
  2. Attach the Cokin Filter Holder by sliding it on to the adapter ring.
  3. Slide the filter you will be using into the holder.

How thick are Cokin filters?

Rectangular Cokin P Series Filters are 84mm-wide and 1.6mm-thick. A Cokin P Series Filter Holder Adapter Ring can be used to connect this filter holder to the front of a lens.

Do NiSi filters fit Lee Holder?

It’s also worth mentioning that you are able to use other brands’ filters in the NiSi holder. I’ve tested with both Singh-Ray and LEE filters and it works perfectly fine, though it can be a little tight to insert them.

What does a Cromofilter do?

Cromofilter SA is known as a producer of filters. Cokin filters are a series of square filters which fit into a stackable filter holder. An adapter, sized for each lens, attaches the holder to the lens. This way one set of filters can be shared across lenses with different filter ring sizes.

How do I use the Cokin filter holder?

Attach the Cokin Filter Holder by sliding it on to the adapter ring Slide the filter you will be using into the holder It’s that simple. You are now ready to get out there and start shooting. Remember to have fun and not be afraid to experiment.

What is the Cokin bp400a P-series holder?

The Cokin BP400A P-series holder allows photographers to attach up to 3 square or rectangular filters depending on the creative effect they are trying to achieve.

How to use the Cokin System?

Therefore, the first step toward using the Cokin system is to identify the camera body or bodies you will be using, and the widest focal length you would be using. After that, Cokin has four series.

What size filter does the filter holder come in?

L size filter holders can take up to 3 filters and the EVO filter holder also features a detachable plate that can hold a 105mm screw-on circular polarizer filter and light-tight protection for long exposure. 100 x 150mm (CREATIVE rectangle filter), 100 x 143,5mm (NUANCES rectangle filter), 100 x 100mm (any square filter)