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What size of menstrual cup should I use?

What size of menstrual cup should I use?

The small size is size 1. It’s geared toward teens and women under age 30. Women who have never given birth may also prefer the smaller cup. A slightly larger version, size 2, is for women over age 30.

What is the widest menstrual cup?

JuJu Menstrual Cup is available in four different models and each is a different size or shape. Model 1 is the smallest size and Model 4 is the widest.

What size June cup should I get?

We recommend a “small” for those who have a normal to heavy flow but have not given birth vaginally. The small disc holds approximately 28ml. We recommend a “large” for those who have given birth vaginally or been diagnosed with a condition called Menorrhagia. The large disc hold approximately 32ml.

How much does XL pixie cup hold?

Our largest cup, the Pixie Cup XL, holds 35ml, or the equivalent of 7 tampons.

How big is a large menstrual cup?

Menstrual Cup Sizes The most common option is of a “small” and “large” and while there isn’t a sizing standard you can expect that these brands size their smalls anywhere from 35-43 mm and the larger sizes around 43 mm- 48mm in diameter at the rim of the cup.

Should I buy a bigger menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups most often come in two size choices, a small or large version, but not always. So how do you choose which size menstrual cup is best for you? Cup size should be determined only by fit, not flow. You can buy a cup because it has a high capacity but it has to also be a good fit.

Are June cups FDA approved?

Is the June Cup FDA Registered? Yes – the June Cup is proudly registered with the FDA. All menstrual cups that are produced and distributed in the United States—even the ones that are imported from China or other countries—have to be registered with the FDA.

Can you pee with a June cup in?

Yes, you can. Peeing with a menstrual cup in is easy—the menstrual cup will not interfere with urination. Some brands of cup (1,5) say that you can pass stool while wearing a menstrual cup, while other companies avoid the question all together.

Why is my Pixie Cup leaking?

The air holes are blocked. The air holes around the rim of your cup are there to create a good seal, so if these are blocked, it’s possible that you could experience some leaks. If your cup is leaking, check and make sure the air holes are clean before inserting your cup.

Are meluna Cups firm or soft?

MeLuna Cup Firmness Options. The MeLuna cup is the only brand in menstrual cups that offers their cups in various degrees of firmness. The degree at which you need your cup to be- firm-soft is influenced by your unique body’s requirements of it.

What is the meluna menstrual cup ball?

The ball is a solid-shaped ball that is at the end of the bell of the MeLuna menstrual cup. It is actually the most popular sold of all the MeLuna menstrual cup handle types. It is made petite, solid, and round. Note: Basic model (without grip) is also available upon request.

What is the firmness of the meluna classic?

The MeLuna Classic offers a level of firmness that is equal in comparison to many silicon-based menstrual cups. It is still soft enough to offer the best comfort level, but also has enough firmness so that it can be easily folded & spring-loaded to open perfectly for the best insertion and effective outcome.

What is the best menstrual cup to buy?

Out of every menstrual cup we have ever reviewed here on the MeLuna cup offers the most options for a woman looking for a safe, inexpensive, eco-friendly, and most effective menstrual hygiene solution. The MeLuna is offered in a wide selection of degrees in firmness, sizes, colors, lengths and handle types.