What size valve extender do I need?

What size valve extender do I need?

That extra 15mm is important because it provides enough length to fit any pump head. Valves come in a couple of different configurations and it’s possible to extend them to suit different rim profiles. According to this rule of thumb, low-profile rims that measure around 25mm require a 40mm valve stem.

How do you inflate a Zipp valve extender?

On the Zipp style extenders you can use a spare spoke or a thin allen wrench to push down the valve. Big thumbs up for Topeak’s valve extender – it allows you to inflate (i.e get a stable psi reading) and close off the actual tube’s valve just like “normal”.

What size thread is a Presta valve?

Threading. The valve threads for Presta valves follow the ISO 4570 standard. The external threads at the tip of both “threaded” and “unthreaded” Presta valves are 5V2 (#12-24TPI), which measures out to 5.2×1.058 mm, the same thread size as the tip of a Dunlop valve.

What is the diameter of a Presta valve?

The Presta or French-type valve is common on mid- and higher-priced road bikes and on higher-priced mountain bikes. Presta stems are nominally 6mm in diameter and thinner compared to the Schrader valves. At the top of the Presta stem is a small valve locknut, which must be unthreaded before air can enter the tube.

Are valve extenders reusable?

If you have a valve extender in your flat kit at least you can use someones 32mm tube with your extender. Btw you can reuse Teflon if you flat since you only need a small piece and even in a pinch you can get by without it.

How do you install a hed valve extender?

Installation: Use the supplied tool to unthread the valve core from your Presta valve. Cover the valve extender threads with a couple wraps of Teflon plumber’s tape. Firmly thread the HED extender into the valve stem; you know that there is enough Teflon tape if you feel some resistance while threading on the extender.

Are there different size Presta valves?

Presta valve inner tubes are available from a range of makers with valve lengths up to 80mm. There’s no harm in using a valve longer than you need, although it might look a bit odd to use a particularly long valve on shallow wheels.